The Coxinha is a popular Brazilian snack
Cuisine of Brazil
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, also popular in Portugal
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. It is made from shredded chicken
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 and spices (occasionally including Catupiry
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-style cheese), enclosed in wheat flour—variants made from potato
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 or manioc are also common--batter
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, and deep fried
Deep frying
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. It is shaped to roughly resemble a chicken drumstick, and sometimes a toothpick is inserted where the bone would be.

Coxinhas were originally made with a chicken thigh, thus the origin of its traditional shape. The batter used to make the dough is often prepared with the broth of the chicken, enhancing the flavor of the dough.

Coxinha literally means "little thigh", and it is how chicken drumsticks are known in Brazil.

Different variations of the original are becoming more prevalent today - for example the Coxinha Mineira, filled with corn and seasoning, named so because corn is more commonly eaten in the state of Minas Gerais.

Coxa Creme

The Coxa Creme is the originator of the coxinha. It is an actual chicken drumstick, enclosed in batter and deep fried.

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