Centre Party
There are several self-described centrist political parties
Political party
A political party is a political organization that typically seeks to influence government policy, usually by nominating their own candidates and trying to seat them in political office. Parties participate in electoral campaigns, educational outreach or protest actions...

 with the name Centre Party.
Nordic Agrarian parties
Nordic Agrarian parties
The Nordic agrarian parties, or Nordic Centre parties, are agrarian political parties that belong to a political tradition peculiar to the Nordic countries...

 most typically use this name.

Active parties

: Åland Centre
Åland Centre
The Åland Centre is a centrist, agrarian political party in the Åland Islands.At the 2003 elections, the party won 24.1 % of popular votes and 7 out of 30 seats. On the October 21st, 2007, parliamentary elections, the party won 23.5 % of the popular vote and 8 out of 30 seats.- External links :*...

: Estonian Centre Party
Estonian Centre Party
The Estonian Centre Party is a centrist, social liberal party in Estonia. Keskerakond is a member of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party. It has the largest membership of an Estonian party, with over 12 000 members....

: Centre Party
Centre Party (Faroe Islands)
The Centre Party is a Christianity-based, agrarian and conservative political party in the Faroe Islands, led by Jenis av Rana.At the 2008 parliamentary election, the party won 8.4% of the popular vote and 3 out of 33 seats...

: Centre Party
Centre Party (Finland)
The Centre Party is a centrist and Nordic agrarian political party in Finland. It is one of the four largest political parties in the country, along with the Social Democratic Party , the National Coalition Party and the True Finns , and currently has 35 seats in the Finnish Parliament...

: German Centre Party
Centre Party (Germany)
The German Centre Party was a Catholic political party in Germany during the Kaiserreich and the Weimar Republic. Formed in 1870, it battled the Kulturkampf which the Prussian government launched to reduce the power of the Catholic Church...

: Centre Party
Centre Party (Hungary)
The Centre Party is a centrist political party in Hungary.At the last legislative elections, on 9 and 23 April 2006, the party won 0.32% of the popular vote and no seats...

: Center Party: Lithuanian Centre Party
Lithuanian Centre Party
Lithuanian Centre Party is a political party in Lithuania. It is not represented in the parliament, but has had representatives at the municipal level. The leader of the party is Romualdas Ozolas....

: Centre Party
Centre Party (Nauru)
The Centre Party is an informal political party in the Pacific nation of Nauru.-Foundation:The party was formed by the former President of Nauru, Kinza Clodumar, and supported René Harris, Clodumar's ally, in the Parliament, mainly in votes of no confidence for or against Harris.-Political role:The...

: Centre Party
Centre Party (Norway)
The Centre Party is a centrist and agrarian political party in Norway, founded in 1920. The Centre Party's policy is not based on any of the major ideologies of the 19th and 20th century, but has a focus on maintaining decentralised economic development and political decision-making.From its...

: Centre Party: Centre Party
Centre Party (Sweden)
The Centre Party is a centrist political party in Sweden. The party maintains close ties to rural Sweden and describes itself as "a green social liberal party". The ideology is sometimes called agrarian, but in a European context, the Centre Party can perhaps best be characterized as social...

Historical parties

: Commonwealth Centre Party
Commonwealth Centre Party
The Commonwealth Centre Party was a minor Australian political party that contested the 1961 federal election. It was formed by disaffected members of the Liberal Party. It had little success and was wound up soon after the election....

  • Irish Free State
    Irish Free State
    The Irish Free State was the state established as a Dominion on 6 December 1922 under the Anglo-Irish Treaty, signed by the British government and Irish representatives exactly twelve months beforehand...

    : National Centre Party
    National Centre Party (Ireland)
    The National Centre Party, initially known as the National Farmers and Ratepayers League, was a short-lived political party in the Irish Free State...

    : Centre Party
    Centre Party (Israel)
    The Centre Party , originally known as Israel in the Centre, was a short-lived political party in Israel. Formed in 1999 by former Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai, the aim was to create a group of moderates to challenge both Binyamin Netanyahu on the right and opposition leader Ehud Barak's...

    : Centre Party
    Centre Party (Jersey)
    -Party ideology and policies:In the 2005 elections, the Centre Party's policies were:*Against the proposed 3% Goods and Services Tax *Against the continuation of the 20% income tax*Abolish the Vehicle Registration Duty for smaller cars...

    : Centre Party
    Centre Party (Netherlands)
    The Centre Party was a Dutch nationalist extreme right-wing political party espousing an anti-immigrant program. The party was founded by Henry Brookman in 1980, and was represented by Hans Janmaat in the Dutch House of Representatives from 1982, until he was expelled from the party in 1984 and...

    Tasmania is an Australian island and state. It is south of the continent, separated by Bass Strait. The state includes the island of Tasmania—the 26th largest island in the world—and the surrounding islands. The state has a population of 507,626 , of whom almost half reside in the greater Hobart...

    : Centre Party
    Centre Party (Tasmania)
    The Centre Party was a minor Australian political party formed by Kevin Lyons in 1969, which held the balance of power in the Tasmanian House of Assembly following the 1969 state election in Tasmania...

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