Burnside Village
Burnside Village is a popular fashion mall and shopping centre located in Adelaide
Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and the fifth-largest city in Australia. Adelaide has an estimated population of more than 1.2 million...

, South Australia
South Australia
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. It is situated in the City of Burnside
City of Burnside
The City of Burnside is a local government area with an estimated population of 44,300 people in the South Australian city of Adelaide. Burnside was founded in August 1856 as the District Council of Burnside, and was classed as a city in 1943. It is named after the property of an early settler and...

 suburb of Glenside
Glenside, South Australia
Glenside is a suburb in the City of Burnside, Adelaide, South Australia, around 2 kilometres south-east of the Central business district, home to 2,985 people in a total land area of 1.40 km²....

, in the eastern suburbs.

Despite the demographics of the local area being largely 50 years and over, Burnside Village is popular with younger generations lured from other areas by its prestige. It includes smaller owner operated stores as well as major clothing and footwear franchises.

Burnside Village recently underwent renovations to its car park on the corner of Portrush Road and Cator Street (Stage 2 of redevelopment). The renovation included making a 3 story car park which connected to the Underground Carpark and the 'Ground level' car park. It also included creating a new 'Cator Street' car park. Stage 1 involved the construction of a new rear entrance in Sydney Street.


Burnside Village began as a ribbon development shopping centre, at the Corner of Portrush and Greenhill Roads. It origins included two small supermarkets along the Portrush Road frontage and a set of shops to the rear. During the 1980s, sections of the surrounding block were bought up and the current site was redeveloped. It included an underground carpark and integrated the old supermarkets into specialty stores. The new section included a Coles supermarket, food specialty stores and niche clothing and homeware stores.Burnside Village is currently home to 82 stores, including a large Coles Supermarket
Coles Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets is an Australian supermarket chain owned by Wesfarmers. It has 741 stores nationally Coles Supermarkets is an Australian supermarket chain owned by Wesfarmers. It has 741 stores nationally Coles Supermarkets is an Australian supermarket chain owned by Wesfarmers. It has 741...

 on the south side.

Stage 3

In November, the Cohen Group will unveil Burnside Village’s new $100 million development. It will add 7,300m2 to Burnside Village and increase their parking to 1,156, taking the centre to 120 shops, and more than 20,000m2 of retail space. The centrepiece of the new retail space will be the spectacular 21 metre curved glass roof, covering an 18 metre high 100-year-old River Red Gum. On Wednesday, 20 July, the Cohen Group of Companies and Colliers International announced the following tenants will occupy the new development:
  • ZARA
  • sass & bide
  • Karen Millen
  • Seed
  • FCUK
  • Mimco
  • Thurley
  • Oroton
    Oroton is an Australian luxury fashion accessories company known for its leather handbags. Oroton is owned by the OrotonGroup which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has held the license for the Polo Ralph Lauren in Australia and New Zealand for 2 decades. .-History:Oroton was...

  • Husk
  • Saba
    SABA (clothing)
    SABA is an Australian fashion brand created in Melbourne in 1965. The brand carries a contemporary label for both women's and menswear lines. SABA have taken part in such fashion events as the Mercedes Australian Fashion Week and the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival...

  • Rodd & Gunn
  • Pandora
  • Coast UK
  • Oxford
  • Metalicus
  • Kikki.K
  • Calibre
  • Flower Clothing
  • The Village Pharmacy
  • Diva
  • Wittner
  • Sportscraft Signature
  • Charlie Brown
  • The Make Up Store
  • Forever New
  • Perri Cutten
  • Blue Illusion
  • CIBO
  • Felici Restaurant

Stage 4

Stage 4 of the seven-stage redevelopment programme encompasses the refurbishment of the existing Atrium Mall, including the installation of new lighting, tiling, seating zones, digital wayfinding and entirely new glass roofing. Stage 4 aims to bridge the gap between the existing and new shopping precincts.

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