Burhanuddin Harahap Cabinet
The Burhanuddin Harahap was an Indonesia
Indonesia , officially the Republic of Indonesia , is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 13,000 islands. It has 33 provinces with over 238 million people, and is the world's fourth most populous country. Indonesia is a republic, with an...

n cabinet that served from 11 August 1955 until 3 March 1956.

Cabinet Leadership

  • Prime Minister: Burhanuddin Harahap (Masyumi Party
    Masyumi Party
    Masyumi Party was a major Islamic political party in Indonesia during the Liberal Democracy Era in Indonesia. It was banned in 1960 by President Sukarno for supporting the PRRI rebellion.-History:...

  • First Deputy Prime Minister: R. Djanoe Ismadi (PIR-Hazairin)
  • Second Deputy Prime Minister: Harsono Tjokroaminoto (Indonesian Islamic Union Party
    Indonesian Islamic Union Party
    Islamic Association Party of Indonesia was an Islamic political party in Indonesia. In 1973 it was merged into the United Development Party.-Origins:The Sarekat Islam was a pre-war political organization in the then-Dutch East Indies...

     - PSII)

Cabinet Members

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung (Democrat)
  • Minister of Home Affairs: Soenarjo (Nahdlatul Ulama - NU)
  • Minister of Defense: Burhanuddin Harahap (Masyumi)
  • Minister of Justice: Lukman Wiriadinata (Socialist Party of Indonesia
    Socialist Party of Indonesia
    The Socialist Party of Indonesia was a political party in Indonesia from 1948 until 1960, when it was banned by President Sukarno.-Origins:...

     - PSI)
  • Minister of Information: Sjamsuddin Sutan Makmur (PIR-Hazairin)
  • Minister of Finance: Sumitro Djojohadikusumo
  • Minister of Agriculture: Mohammad Sardjan
  • Minister of Economic Affairs: I. J. Kasimo
  • Minister of Transport: F. Laoh (PRN)
  • Minister of Public Works and Manpower: R. P. Soeroso (Parindra)
  • Minister of Labor: Iskander Tedjasukmana (Labour Party
    Labour Party (Indonesia)
    The Labour Party was a political party in Indonesia. It was formed on December 25, 1949 by a group of former Labour Party of Indonesia members, who had disagreed with the merger of PBI into the Communist Party of Indonesia....

  • Minister of Social Affairs: Soedibjo (PSII)
  • Minister of Education & Culture: Soewandi (Parindra)
  • Minister of Religious Affairs: Mohammad Iljas (NU)
  • Minister of Health: Dr. Johannes Leimena
    Johannes Leimena
    Dr. Johannes Leimena was Deputy Prime Minister of Indonesia from 1957 - 1966 and served as Minister of Health under President Sukarno from 1946 - 1956. A Christian, he founded the Indonesian Christian Party in 1950...

  • Minister of Agrarian Affairs: Gunawan (PRN)
  • State Minister: Adbul Hakim (Masyumi)
  • State Minister: Soetomo (PRI)
  • State Minister: Coomala Noor (PIR-Hazairin)
  • Junior Minister of Transport: Asraruddin (Labour Party)


On 19 January 1956, both ministers from the PSII, namely Second Deputy Prime Minister Harsono Tjokroaminoto and Minister of Social Affairs Soedibjo resigned, as did both NU ministers, namely Minister of Home Affairs Soenarjo and Minister of Religious Affairs Mohammad Iljas. State Minister Soetomo also became ad interim Social Minister, Minister of Public Works and Manpower R. P. Soeroso also became ad interim Interior Minister and Minister of Agriculture: Mohammad Sardjan also became ad interim Religious Affairs Minister.
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