Bellisima was a Venezuela
Venezuela , officially called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela , is a tropical country on the northern coast of South America. It borders Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south...

n telenovela
A telenovela is a limited-run serial dramatic programming popular in Latin American, Portuguese, and Spanish television programming. The word combines tele, short for televisión or televisão , and novela, a Spanish or Portuguese word for "novel"...

 that was produced by and broadcast on Venevisión
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. The series lasted 187 episodes, and was distributed internationally by Venevisión International
Venevisión International
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Bellisima takes place in the fascinating world of modeling
Model (person)
A model , sometimes called a mannequin, is a person who is employed to display, advertise and promote commercial products or to serve as a subject of works of art....

. A chic, elegant, extravagant and sometimes frivolous world. Ricardo Linares Rincon is the owner of a successful and exclusive modeling agency. He suddenly meets Gabriella Gruber, an ambitious yet unassuming woman, recently graduated from a Fashion Design school. It is a compelling story of a hardworking young woman, struggling for recognition in a very competitive field. Passion, desire, sorrow, success, failure and "beautifully achieved" goals are some of the ingredients of this compelling love story.


  • Emma Rabbe as Gabriela Gruber
  • Victor Camara as Ricardo Linares
  • Daniel Alvarado
    Daniel Alvarado
    Daniel Alvarado is Venezuelan actor. He has been married three times. He has two sons from his first marriage, Daniel and Luis. From second marriage with Carmen Julia Álvarez , he has a daughter Daniela and son Carlos Daniel...

     as Arturo
  • Elena Dinisio as Roxana
  • Henry Galue as Aurelio
  • Nancy Gonzalez as Consuelo
  • Belen Marrero as Sara
  • Carolina Muziotti as Estrella
  • Jose Vieira as Zurdo
  • Juan Iturbide as Federico
  • Lucy Orta
    Lucy Orta
    Lucy Orta is a British contemporary visual artist living and working between London and Paris where she resides since 1991. She was born in 1966 in Sutton Coldfield, Great Britain....

     as Eva
  • Susana Dujim as Susana
  • Carolina Motta as Marisol
  • Elizabeth Morales as Esther
  • Juan Carlos Vivas as Beiby
  • Asdrubal Blanco as Ruben
  • Dulce Maria Pilonietta as Vanessa
  • Belen Diaz as Elvira

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