Beaumont, Dublin
Beaumont is a suburb of Dublin, located on the Northside
Northside or North Side may refer to:Music:* Northside , a musical group from Manchester, England* NorthSide, an American record labelPlaces:* North Side, California, former name of Oildale, California, United States...

. It lies within the postal district Dublin 9, sometimes known as D9. The name derives from the French for "beautiful mount".


Beaumont was originally a farm in the Civil Parish of Coolock, between the townlands of Kilmore Big and Kilmore Little. It is the former home of the Guinness family
Guinness family
The Guinness family is an extensive aristocratic Irish Protestant family noted for their accomplishments in brewing, banking, politics and religious ministry...

 from 1764-1855. The original 1764 lease
A lease is a contractual arrangement calling for the lessee to pay the lessor for use of an asset. A rental agreement is a lease in which the asset is tangible property...

 between Charles Gardiner
Charles Gardiner
Charles Gardiner was an Irish landowner and politician.He was the son of Luke Gardiner and his wife Anne, daughter of Alexander Stewart and granddaughter of William Stewart, 1st Viscount Mountjoy. On 20 March 1741 he married Florinda, daughter of Robert Norman.From 1742 to 1760 he represented...

 and Arthur Guinness
Arthur Guinness
Arthur Guinness was an Irish brewer and the founder of the Guinness brewery business and family.He was also an entrepreneur, visionary and philanthropist....

 can still be seen in the National Library of Ireland
National Library of Ireland
The National Library of Ireland is Ireland's national library located in Dublin, in a building designed by Thomas Newenham Deane. The Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism is the member of the Irish Government responsible for the library....

. Guinness took 51 acres (206,389.9 m²) "more or less situate in the Parish of Coolock" on a lease for the longer of 31 years or three lives, and built a house "at Kilmore" that is now a part of the hospital; it is apparent that he later named the property "Beaumont". His rent was £93 p.a.

Notable places

Beaumont is the location of one of Dublin's main hospitals, Beaumont Hospital
Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
Beaumont Hospital, is a public hospital located in Beaumont, Dublin, Ireland. It is managed by the Irish Government's Health Service Executive and provides acute-care hospital services, including a 24-hour emergency department, for the population of Dublin. In 2008, the hospital served 149,559...

, and the Sister of Mercy Convalescent Home. Other facilities include a small group of shops and two pubs - 'Kenny's Kilmardinny' Lorcan Avenue, Santry is also used by the locals of Beaumont. The 'Beaumont House' formerly the 'Rendezvous' - the latter is a favourite haunt of former Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and is named after the original home of Arthur Guinness which is located nearby and is now a convalescent home for the elderly.


There is a Roman Catholic parish in Whitehall, also taking in the townlands of Santry, Larkhill and to a lesser extent Artane West and Artane South, and part of Artane North.

The 'Church of the Holy Child' located on the old airport road is the main church serving the people of Whitehall, Larkhill, Santry. It was blessed by Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II
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 as his motorcade passed by during his visit to Ireland in 1979.


An all-girls school, Mercy Beaumont School, founded in 1957, is located beside the hospital. St. Fiachra's junior and senior schools are also located near the hospital.

Notable people

  • World-famous brewer Arthur Guinness established his residence in Beaumont, in what is now Beaumont convalescent home.
  • Former Chelsea and Republic of Ireland international footballer Paddy Mulligan
    Paddy Mulligan
    Patrick Martin "Paddy" Mulligan is a retired Irish footballer who played mainly as a right-back.Mulligan started his senior career playing for Bohemians in 1963. However after only two games he signed for Shamrock Rovers in December 1963...

    was born and raised in Beaumont.
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