Bacchus is the Roman name for Dionysus
Dionysus was the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology. His name in Linear B tablets shows he was worshipped from c. 1500—1100 BC by Mycenean Greeks: other traces of Dionysian-type cult have been found in ancient Minoan Crete...

, the god of wine and intoxication.

Bacchus can also refer to:
  • Temple of Bacchus
    Temple of Bacchus
    The Temple of Bacchus was one of the three main temples at a large complex in Classical Antiquity, at Baalbek in Lebanon. The temple was dedicated to Bacchus , the Roman god of wine, but was traditionally referred to by Neoclassical visitors as the "Temple of the Sun". It is considered one of the...

    , a Roman temple at a large classical antiquity complex in Baalbek
    Baalbek is a town in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon, altitude , situated east of the Litani River. It is famous for its exquisitely detailed yet monumentally scaled temple ruins of the Roman period, when Baalbek, then known as Heliopolis, was one of the largest sanctuaries in the Empire...

    , Lebanon
    Lebanon , officially the Republic of LebanonRepublic of Lebanon is the most common term used by Lebanese government agencies. The term Lebanese Republic, a literal translation of the official Arabic and French names that is not used in today's world. Arabic is the most common language spoken among...

  • See Saints Sergius and Bacchus
    Saints Sergius and Bacchus
    Saints Sergius and Bacchus , were third century Roman soldiers who are commemorated as martyrs by the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches...

     for Saint Bacchus, Christian martyr, companion to Saint Sergius
  • 2063 Bacchus
    2063 Bacchus
    The Apollo, Venus- and Mars-crosser asteroid 2063 Bacchus was discovered on April 24, 1977, by Charles T. Kowal at the Palomar Observatory. In March 1996 radar observations of the asteroid were conducted at the Goldstone Observatory under the direction of JPL scientists Steven Ostro and Lance...

    , asteroid
  • RFA Bacchus
    RFA Bacchus
    Three ships of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary have borne the name RFA Bacchus, after Bacchus, the god of wine in Roman mythology:* RFA Bacchus was a store carrier launched in 1915...

    , the name of three ships of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • Bacchus (grape), white wine grape variety grown in Germany and England
  • Bacchus (comics)
    Bacchus (comics)
    Bacchus is a comics character created by Eddie Campbell and based upon the Roman god of wine and revelry, known to the Greeks as Dionysus.-Publication history:...

    , comics character created by Eddie Campbell
  • Bacchus-F
    Bacchus is a non-carbonated Korean energy drink, first launched in 1963. It has been called Bacchus-F since a change in formula in the 1990s, before which it was known as Bacchus-D...

    , energy drink from South Korea
  • Krewe of Bacchus
    Krewe of Bacchus
    The Krewe of Bacchus is an organization that parades during the New Orleans Mardi Gras, on the Sunday evening before Mardi Gras. Bacchus was founded in 1968 by Owen Brennan, Jr. as one of the first modern "superkrewes," defined by their size, spectacular floats, and celebrity riders...

    , an organization that parades during the New Orleans Mardi Gras
  • "In Praise of Bacchus", song from the album October Rust by the Type O Negative
  • Bacchus, Alexandria, a neighborhood in Alexandria
    Alexandria is the second-largest city of Egypt, with a population of 4.1 million, extending about along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the north central part of the country; it is also the largest city lying directly on the Mediterranean coast. It is Egypt's largest seaport, serving...

    , Egypt
  • Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
    Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
    Bacchus Marsh is an urban centre and suburban locality in Victoria, Australia located approximately west of Melbourne and west of Melton. The population of the urban area is estimated at over 17,000 people, while the central locality is home to 5,566 people...

    , a town in Victoria, Australia
  • Bacchus or Eko.Bacchus, also known as Eko.Lsa
    Eko.Lsa, Eko, Eko.Bacchus, or Bruno is a French hip hop performer. A native of Réunion island in Indian Ocean, he later moved to Toulouse for studies and then Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in metropolitan France...

    , a French rapper
  • Bacchus Wrath is the name of a villain from the Sentai series Chōriki Sentai Ohranger, his Americanized Power Rangers counterpart is known as King Mondo
    King Mondo
    King Mondo is a fictional character from the American television series Power Rangers Zeo. He serves as the principal antagonist of the series. King Mondo's costume and various pieces of footage were borrowed from the Japanese Super Sentai series Chōriki Sentai Ohranger. In that series, Mondo's...


In art:
  • Bacchus (Leonardo)
    Bacchus (Leonardo)
    Bacchus, formerly Saint John the Baptist, is a painting in the Musée du Louvre, Paris, France, based on a drawing by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. It is presumed to have been executed by an unknown follower, perhaps in Leonardo's workshop. Sidney J. Freedberg assigns the drawing...

    , painting by Leonardo da Vinci of John the Baptist
  • Bacchus (Michelangelo)
    Bacchus (Michelangelo)
    Bacchus is a marble sculpture by the Italian High Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect and poet Michelangelo. The statue is somewhat over life-size and depicts Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, in a revolutionary inebriated state...

    , marble sculpture by Michelangelo depicting Bacchus in an inebriated state
  • Bacchus (Caravaggio)
    Bacchus (Caravaggio)
    Bacchus is a painting by Italian Baroque master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio . It is held in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence....

    , a painting by Caravaggio held in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence
  • Bacchus and Ariadne
    Bacchus and Ariadne
    Bacchus and Ariadne is an oil painting by Titian. It is one of a cycle of paintings on mythological subjects produced for Alfonso d'Este, the Duke of Ferrara, for the Camerino d'Alabastro – a private room in his palazzo in Ferrara decorated with paintings based on classical texts...

    , an oil painting by Titian
  • Bacchus and Ariadne (ballet)
    Bacchus and Ariadne (ballet)
    Bacchus and Ariadne opus 43 is a ballet score by the French composer Albert Roussel written in 1930.-Ballet:Its composition roughly coincides with that of Roussel's third symphony and describes the abduction of Ariadne by Dionysus...

    , a ballet by Albert Roussel
  • Young Sick Bacchus, an early self-portrait by Caravaggio in the Galleria Borghese in Rome
  • Bacchus (opera)
    Bacchus (opera)
    Bacchus is an opera in four acts by Jules Massenet to a French libretto by Catulle Mendès after Greek mythology. It was first performed at the Palais Garnier in Paris on May 5, 1909....

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