Aparasphenodon is a genus of frog
Frogs are amphibians in the order Anura , formerly referred to as Salientia . Most frogs are characterized by a short body, webbed digits , protruding eyes and the absence of a tail...

s in the Hylidae family, and are found southeastern Brazil
Brazil , officially the Federative Republic of Brazil , is the largest country in South America. It is the world's fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population with over 192 million people...

, the Orinoco Basin
The Orinoco is one of the longest rivers in South America at . Its drainage basin, sometimes called the Orinoquia, covers , with 76.3% of it in Venezuela and the remainder in Colombia...

, Venezuela
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 and Colombia
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. These are tree-dwelling species usually hiding in the cisterns of epiphytic bromeliads. The top of the head carries a bony plate which is fused with the skin.


The genus is composed of three species:
Binomial Name and Author Common Name
Aparasphenodon bokermanni Bokermann's Casque-headed Frog
Aparasphenodon brunoi Bruno's Casque-headed Frog
Aparasphenodon venezolanus Venezuela Casque-headed Frog

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