Alliance for Chile
The Alliance for Chile , also known simply as The Alliance , was a coalition of right-wing Chile
Chile ,officially the Republic of Chile , is a country in South America occupying a long, narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far...

an political parties.The Alliance was replaced in 2009 by the Coalition for Change
Coalition for Change
The Coalition for Change is a presidential and parliamentary electoral coalition that groups the supporters of President Sebastián Piñera for the 2009-2010 Chilean election...


It included the National Renewal
National Renewal (Chile)
National Renewal , is a liberal conservative political party belonging to the Chilean right-wing political coalition Coalition for Change in conjunction with the Independent Democratic Union and the Chile First movement...

 (Renovación Nacional, RN) and the Independent Democratic Union (Unión Democrática Independiente, UDI). In the past it has included the regional Party of the South (Partido del Sur) and the Progressive Union of the Centrist Center
Progressive Union of the Centrist Center
The Progressive Union of the Centrist Center was a small center-right political party in Chile....

 (Unión de Centro Centro Progresista, UCCP), both of which are now defunct.

Major leaders of the Alliance have included Jovino Novoa (UDI), Pablo Longueira (UDI), Jaime Guzmán (UDI), Joaquín Lavín
Joaquín Lavín
Joaquín José Lavín Infante is a Chilean politician and economist. He is a member of the Independent Democrat Union party and former mayor of Santiago and Las Condes municipalities of capital Santiago...

 (UDI), Sebastián Piñera
Sebastián Piñera
Miguel Juan Sebastián Piñera Echenique is a Chilean businessman and politician. He was elected President of Chile in January 2010, taking office in March 2010.- Education :...

(RN), Lily Pérez (RN), Andrés Allamand (RN), Sergio Onofre (RN), and Sergio Romero (RN).

The Alliance had several names through its history:
  • Democracia y Progreso (Democracy and Progress) (1989–1992)
  • Participación y Progreso (Participation and Progress) (1992–1993)
  • Unión por el Progreso (Union for the Progress) (1993–1996)
  • Unión por Chile (Union for Chile) (1996–2000)

Electoral results

Senate election
Year Designation % votes Seats
1989 Democracy and Progress 34,85% 16 of 38
1993 Union for the Progress 37,32% 9 of 18
1997 Union for Chile 36,64% 9 of 18
2001 Alliance for Chile 44,03% 9 of 18
2005 Alliance for Chile 37,25% 8 of 18

Chamber of Deputies election
Year Designation % votes Seats % seats
1989 Democracy and Progress 34.18 48 of 120 40.00
1993 Union for the Progress 36.68 50 of 120 41.66
1997 Union for Chile 36.26 47 of 120 39.16
2001 Alliance for Chile 44.27 57 of 120 47.50
2005 Alliance for Chile 38.72 54 of 120 45.00

Municipal election
Year Designation % votes
1992 Participation and Progress 29.67
1996 Union for Chile 32.47
2000 Union for Chile 40.09
2004 Alliance for Chile 38.72 (mayors)
37.68 (councilmen)
2008 Alliance for Chile 40.56 (mayors)
35.99 (councilmen)

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