Adamstown, Dublin
Adamstown is the first new town
Urban village
An urban village is an urban planning and urban design concept. It refers to an urban form typically characterized by:* Medium density development* Mixed use zoning* The provision of good public transit...

 planned in Ireland
Republic of Ireland
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 since Shannon Town
Shannon, County Clare
Shannon or Shannon Town , named after the river near which it stands, is a town located in County Clare. It was given town status on 1 January 1982. The town is located just off the N19 road, a spur of the N18/M18 road between Limerick city and Ennis....

 in 1982. The new settlement is being developed 16 km from Dublin city centre, on a 220 hectare
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 site just south of Lucan, west of the Griffeen River and north of the Grand Canal
Grand Canal of Ireland
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. No date has been set for the official granting of some form of "town status" but development is underway. Adamstown is in the jurisdiction of South Dublin County.

Location and access

The site for the town is located alongside the Dublin-Kildare
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 railway line
Rail transport in Ireland
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 and a new railway station
Adamstown railway station, Dublin
Adamstown railway station is a recently opened station serving the new town of Adamstown. It is on the Kildare line between Hazelhatch and Celbridge railway station and Clondalkin railway stations, just south of the old Lucan South station which closed in 1947. It opened on 10 April 2007...

 opened on 10 April 2007. It is easily accessed from the N4 national primary route. Weston Airport
Weston Airport
Weston Airport or Aerfort Weston in Irish, is a publicly licensed executive airport located on the R403 regional road at Leixlip, County Kildare west of Dublin, in Ireland...

 is nearby.


The Adamstown concept originated with the South Dublin County Development Plan of 1998, which envisaged the creation of several new towns - however, only Adamstown made it to the development stage. The plan is not without its detractors, some of whom see it as part of a never-ending commuterisation and urbanisation of County Dublin
County Dublin
County Dublin is a county in Ireland. It is part of the Dublin Region and is also located in the province of Leinster. It is named after the city of Dublin which is the capital of Ireland. County Dublin was one of the first of the parts of Ireland to be shired by King John of England following the...

 and the immediate surrounding region. However, as the provision of its new now functioning rail station, a 12 minute journey from Dublin's central Heuston Station was an integral part of its development, together with the provision of new schools, shopping and sporting facilities within walking distance in the neighbourhood, the new town promotes a sustainable community by promoting public transport, and thus reducing car dependence, in stark contrast to other suburban housing developments.

Infrastructure works officially commenced on 7 February 2005, and on 16 February 2006 the first houses went on the market, with occupation targeted for later that year.


It is intended that after an initial ten years of development the settlement will have around 10,000 homes, or about 25,000 persons. The homes built in Adamstown will be the familiar type of houses and apartments but whose layout is dissimilar to other later 20th century developments in Ireland in that they are designed to incorporate modern Urban Design concepts. These primarily include permeability, a joined up street system, avoiding the common cul de sac layouts which are acknowledged to foster car dependence, and also the formation of streets with limited setbacks from the rear of the footpath thus producing a greater sense of place. Both these design features, combined with the ease of access to the train station will promote walking, cycling and generally a more sustainable community. There is a strict limit on high-rise types of buildings, three to four storey being the norm. Uniquely as part of the planning permission it was incumbent on the developers to complete various infrastructure and community facilities on a phased basis, to avoid the social problems that can blight large-scale suburban developments, before proceeding with later phases of housing. Hence, already completed are the train station (Dublin Heuston is a 12 minute journey} and two schools and some shops are already operating. Some commentators have noted that this area will only have the minimum legislated level of social housing (12.5%) which will limit the number of families relying on State services, but this is a matter for the Local Authority to decide.


The area features a Liffey
River Liffey
The Liffey is a river in Ireland, which flows through the centre of Dublin. Its major tributaries include the River Dodder, the River Poddle and the River Camac. The river supplies much of Dublin's water, and a range of recreational opportunities.-Name:The river was previously named An Ruirthech,...

 tributary stream, the Tobermaclugg, which is being used as the centrepiece of a public park.


Adamstown has a soccer club, Adamstown Football Club, and a GAA
Gaelic Athletic Association
The Gaelic Athletic Association is an amateur Irish and international cultural and sporting organisation focused primarily on promoting Gaelic games, which include the traditional Irish sports of hurling, camogie, Gaelic football, handball and rounders...

 club, Adamstown GAA club. Adamstown Football Club was established in November 2005 and currently plays in the United Churches League, with two teams, and plans to expand into schoolboy soccer in the summer of 2008. The GAA club was authorised on 11 June 2007 at a meeting of the Dublin County Board.

A new structure, Club Adamstown, is being put in place by the local council to offer sporting opportunities, including cricket, to local children.

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