Adam Darius
Adam Darius is an American dancer, mime artist
Mime artist
A mime artist is someone who uses mime as a theatrical medium or as a performance art, involving miming, or the acting out a story through body motions, without use of speech. In earlier times, in English, such a performer was referred to as a mummer...

, writer and choreographer. As a performer, he has appeared in over 85 countries across six continents. As a writer, he has published 14 books and written 22 plays.

In a program devoted to his career, the BBC World Service described him as "one of the most exceptional talents of the 20th century".

Adam Darius currently lives in Espoo
Espoo is the second largest city and municipality in Finland. The population of the city of Espoo is . It is part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area along with the cities of Helsinki, Vantaa, and Kauniainen. Espoo shares its eastern border with Helsinki and Vantaa, while enclosing Kauniainen....

, Finland.


Adam Darius was born in Manhattan
Manhattan is the oldest and the most densely populated of the five boroughs of New York City. Located primarily on the island of Manhattan at the mouth of the Hudson River, the boundaries of the borough are identical to those of New York County, an original county of the state of New York...

, New York City, into a family of Turkish
Turkish people
Turkish people, also known as the "Turks" , are an ethnic group primarily living in Turkey and in the former lands of the Ottoman Empire where Turkish minorities had been established in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Romania...

 and Russian
The Russian people are an East Slavic ethnic group native to Russia, speaking the Russian language and primarily living in Russia and neighboring countries....


Ballet career

Adam Darius began his ballet and contemporary dance training in 1945, at the age of 14, and went on to study with, among others, Anatole Oboukhov, George Goncharov, Olga Preobrajenska
Olga Preobrajenska
Olga Iosifovna Preobrajenska was probably the best loved ballerina of the Russian Imperial Ballet....

 and José Limón
José Limón
José Arcadio Limón was a pioneer in the field of modern dance and choreography. In 1928, at age 20, he moved to New York City where he studied under Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. In 1946, Limón founded the José Limón Dance Company...


His professional career began in 1946 with appearances at New York's Metropolitan Opera House, and then with numerous ballet companies including Britain's International Ballet (1953), Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Royal Winnipeg Ballet
The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is Canada's oldest ballet company and the longest continuously operating ballet company in North America....

 (1954), and Denmark's Scandinavian Ballet (1962). He was also choreographer of the Israel National Opera (1963–1964), where he choreographed four operas for opera star Plácido Domingo
Plácido Domingo
Plácido Domingo KBE , born José Plácido Domingo Embil, is a Spanish tenor and conductor known for his versatile and strong voice, possessing a ringing and dramatic tone throughout its range...

; (Don Giovanni, Carmen, La Traviata and The Pearl Fishers, all of which premièred at the Israel National Opera in Tel-Aviv in 1963). From 1964-1966, Adam Darius was the director of his own company, the Israeli Ballet.

Principal ballets:
  • Pierrot the Wanderer - Choreographed for American prima ballerina Melissa Hayden
    Melissa Hayden (dancer)
    Melissa Hayden was a Canadian ballerina at the New York City Ballet.-Early life:...

     and premièred at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Toronto, Canada in 1955.
  • Quartet - Choreographed for American prima ballerina Cynthia Gregory
    Cynthia Gregory
    Cynthia Kathleen Gregory is an American ballerina.-Career:Born in Los Angeles, Gregory’s parents encouraged her to take up dancing when she was five, hoping exercise would stem a history of childhood illnesses. By age six, she was en pointe...

     and premièred at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, California in 1958.
  • The Anne Frank Ballet - Premièred in Long Beach, California in 1959. Produced for Italian Television in 1967. Released as a video in 1989, in which Mr Darius danced the role of Anne Frank
    Anne Frank
    Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank is one of the most renowned and most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Acknowledged for the quality of her writing, her diary has become one of the world's most widely read books, and has been the basis for several plays and films.Born in the city of Frankfurt...

    ’s father, Otto Frank.
  • Marilyn - A ballet based on the life of Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, singer, model and showgirl who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s....

    , which ran for five weeks at the Arts Theatre
    Arts Theatre
    The Arts Theatre is a theatre in Great Newport Street, in Westminster, Central London. It now operates as the West End's smallest commercial receiving house.-History:...

     in London's West End
    West End theatre
    West End theatre is a popular term for mainstream professional theatre staged in the large theatres of London's 'Theatreland', the West End. Along with New York's Broadway theatre, West End theatre is usually considered to represent the highest level of commercial theatre in the English speaking...

     in February 1975.
  • Firebird
    The Firebird
    The Firebird is a 1910 ballet created by the composer Igor Stravinsky and choreographer Michel Fokine. The ballet is based on Russian folk tales of the magical glowing bird of the same name that is both a blessing and a curse to its captor....

    - Choreographed to Stravinsky's music. Presented by the Las Vegas Civic Ballet at the Reed Whipple Cultural Center, Las Vegas, in April 1986.

Expressive mime

In 1967, Adam Darius broke away from the traditional world of ballet and premièred his own fusion of dance and mime, described as 'expressive mime', at the Spoleto Festival in Italy and at the Arts Lab in London.

In the years that followed he toured many countries, including: South Africa (1970); the Soviet Union (1971); the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Australia (1971); Syria, Iran and Afghanistan (1976); Japan (1984); and Greenland (1998).

Adam Darius' concept of physical theatre
Physical theatre
Physical theatre is used to describe any mode of performance that pursues storytelling or drama through primarily and secondarily physical and mental means. There are several quite distinct but indistinct traditions of performance which all describe themselves using the term "physical theatre",...

 was also realized in the London productions of Yukio Mishima (1991), Rimbaud and Verlaine (1992) and Tower of Babel (1993) , in collaboration with Kazimir Kolesnik. Among their further joint productions was A Snake in the Grass, presented in Amman, Jordan (2001) and acknowledged with the Noor Al Hussein Award.


In 1978, Adam Darius and Marita Crawley
Marita Crawley
Marita Georgina Phillips , a British songwriter and playwright, was born the third daughter of Lt.-Col. Harold Pedro Joseph Phillips and his wife, Georgina Wernher, who was the elder daughter and co-heiress of Sir Harold Wernher, 3rd Bt, by his wife Countess Anastasia de Torby...

 founded the Mime Centre in London. In Britain he has taught, among others, mime artist, dancer and director, Kazimir Kolesnik, rock star Kate Bush
Kate Bush
Kate Bush is an English singer-songwriter, musician and record producer. Her eclectic musical style and idiosyncratic vocal style have made her one of the United Kingdom's most successful solo female performers of the past 30 years.In 1978, at the age of 19, Bush topped the UK Singles Chart...

, Hollywood film star Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale
Kathryn Bailey "Kate" Beckinsale is an English actress. After some minor television roles, she made her film debut in Much Ado About Nothing while still a student at Oxford University...

, and West End principal Warren Mitchell
Warren Mitchell
Warren Mitchell is an English actor who rose to initial prominence in the role of bigoted cockney Alf Garnett in the BBC television sitcom Till Death Us Do Part , and its sequels Till Death... and In Sickness and in Health , all of which were written by Johnny Speight...


Books by Adam Darius

Author # Year Title Pages Publisher City ISBN Genre
Darius, Adam 1 1973 Dance Naked in the Sun 325 Latonia Publishers London ISBN 0950270709 Autobiography
Darius, Adam 2 1978 The Way to Timbuktu 276 Latonia Publishers London ISBN 0950270717 Autobiography
Darius, Adam 3 1984 The Adam Darius Method 270 Latonia Publishers London ISBN 0950270725 Teaching Books
Darius, Adam 4 1988 The Man Who Spat at Fate 251 Latonia Publishers London ISBN 0950270733 Novel
Darius, Adam 5 1991 The Guru 115 Latonia Publishers London ISBN 0950270741 Philosophy
Darius, Adam 6 1996 The Commedia Dell' Arte 97 Kolesnik Production OY Helsinki ISBN 9529071884 Teaching Books
Darius, Adam 7 1998 Acting - A Psychological and Technical Approach 208 Kolesnik Production OY Helsinki ISBN 952909146X Teaching Books
Darius, Adam 8 2000 Audition Monologues 128 Kolesnik Production OY Helsinki ISBN 9519823204 Teaching Books
Darius, Adam 9 2003 Double Existence 202 Kolesnik Production OY Helsinki ISBN 9519823212 Novel
Darius, Adam 10 2004 A Nomadic Life 250 Kolesnik Production OY Helsinki ISBN 9519823220 Autobiography
Darius, Adam 11 2005 When Your Dog Dies 63 Kolesnik Production OY Helsinki ISBN 9519823239 Animal Welfare
Darius, Adam 12 2007 Arabesques Through Time 407 Harlequinade Books Helsinki ISBN 9519823247 Autobiography
Darius, Adam 13 2009 Death in Damascus n/a e-book n/a ISBN 9789529254767 Novel
Darius, Adam 14 2011 The Passion of Black Jesus n/a e-book n/a ISBN 9789529267521 Novel

Honours and awards

  • 1976: Silver medallion of the Belgrade Monodrama Festival (Yugoslavia)
  • 1976: Honorary membership of the North Sumatran Community (Indonesia)
  • 1978: American Television Emmy (US)
  • 1984: Premio Positano Léonide Massine Per L'arte Della Danza (Italy)
  • 1987: Key to the City of Las Vegas (US)
  • 1998: Shetland Dance and Mime Award (UK)
  • 2001: Noor Al Hussein Foundation Award (Jordan)
  • 2002: Beirut Festival du Rire Trophy (Lebanon)
  • 2003: Noor Al Hussein Foundation Award (Jordan)
  • 2009: Order of Luis Manuel Gutiérrez (Venezuela)

International performances since January 2000

Unless marked as being a SOLO performance, all shows were given in partnership with Kazimir Kolesnik.
Year Month Country City Venue Repertoire Notes
2000 April Jordan Amman Royal Cultural Centre Resurrection
2000 July Croatia Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Festival
Dubrovnik Summer Festival
The Dubrovnik Summer Festival In a unique ambient of open and closed scenes of Renaissance-Baroque city of Dubrovnik a rich programme of classical music, theatre, opera and dance is presented.-External links:*...

2000 August Finland Oulu Oulu Music Festival Theatre
Oulu Music Video Festival
Founded in 1994, Oulu Music Video Festival is an annual festival of music video, cinema, live music, and air guitar world championships, held in Oulu, Finland.- External links :* *...

Pierrot in Exile
2000 Nov. Turkey Istanbul Atatürk Cultural Center
Atatürk Cultural Center
Atatürk Cultural Center , called also simply as AKM, is a multi-purpose cultural center located in Taksim Square of Istanbul, Turkey...

Selected solos SOLO
2001 Jan/Feb Jordan Amman Baccalaureate School Theatre A Snake in the Grass
2001 April Turkey Istanbul Aksanat Cultural Centre Resurrection
2001 Sept. Morocco Casablanca International Theatre Festival Resurrection
Rabat Salle Bahnini Resurrection
2001 Nov. Finland Helsinki Q-Teatteri James Dean As director
2002 June Slovakia Bratislava Pantomime Festival Death of a Scarecrow
2002 July Lebanon Beirut Festival du Rire Highlight repertoire
2003 Feb. Russia St. Petersburg Okryty Theatre Highlight repertoire
2003 May Italy Turin Teatro Gobetti Death of a Scarecrow
2003 Sept. Jordan Amman Royal Cultural Centre Death of a Scarecrow
2004 March New Zealand Christchurch Hagley Community College
Hagley Community College
Hagley Community College, is a non-integrated state secondary school in inner-city Christchurch, New Zealand.Prior to 1965 the school was Christchurch West High School, which was founded in 1858....

Death of a Scarecrow
2004 April Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Malaysian National Theatre
Istana Budaya
The Istana Budaya or The Palace of Culture, founded in September 1999, is Malaysia's main venue for all types of theatre including musical theater, operetta, classical concert and opera from local and international performances...

Death of a Scarecrow
2004 August Malta Valetta Saint James Cavalier Centre
Saint James Cavalier
St. James Cavalier is Malta's Millennium Project- A Centre for Creativity. St. James, one of two Cavaliers built out of the originally projected nine, by the Knights of Malta...

Death of a Scarecrow
2004 Nov. Syria Damascus Al-Kabbani Theatre Death of a Scarecrow
2005 Feb. Syria Damascus Finnish/Jordanian Festival, Al-Assad Opera House
Damascus Opera House
Damascus Opera House is the national opera house of Syria. It is located in central Damascus, on the Umayyad Square. It was inaugurated on May 7, 2004.-History:...

Fusion With company
2005 August Turkey Istanbul Sultan's Palace Death of a Scarecrow
2006 Feb. Portugal Porto Serralves Foundation Yukio Mishima With company
Ponte del Lima Teatro Diogo Bernardes
Teatro Diogo Bernardes
The Teatro Diogo Bernardes is a theatre and opera house in Ponte de Lima, Portugal, is an Italian-style theatre built in 1893 and inaugurated in 1896. The theatre was completelly renewed in 1999, and sits currently 310 spectators. The Teatro Diogo Bernardes is home of the Ponte de Lima Festival of...

Yukio Mishima With company
2006 May Ukraine Kiev TYS Theatre; Suzirie Theatre Death of a Scarecrow
2006 Dec. Argentina Rosario Teatro del Rayo; Centro Cultural Lavarden Death of a Scarecrow
2007 Oct. Armenia Yerevan High Fest Theatre Festival Death of a Scarecrow
2007 Dec. Macedonia Skopje Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts Dance: A Bridge between Cultures UNESCO
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations...

sponsored lecture
2008 Feb. Egypt Alexandria Bibliotheca Alexandrina Tears of a Clown
2009 Jan. Finland Espoo Sellosali Death of a Scarecrow
2009 March Macedonia Skopje Macedonian National Theatre Death of a Scarecrow
2009 Oct. Venezuela Isla de Margarita Teatro Simon Bolivar Selected solos SOLO
2009 Nov. Finland Espoo Sellosali Tears of a Clown
2010 May Bosnia & Herzogovina Sarajevo Teaterfest Death of a Scarecrow
2010 Nov. Nepal Kathmandu Kathmandu International Theatre Festival Basho - A Windswept Spirit

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