1775 in Denmark


  • Monarch – HM Christian VII
    Christian VII of Denmark
    Christian VII was King of Denmark and Norway and Duke of Schleswig and Holstein from 1766 until his death. He was the son of Danish King Frederick V and his first consort Louisa, daughter of King George II of Great Britain....

  • Prime minister – Ove Høegh-Guldberg
    Ove Høegh-Guldberg
    Ove Høegh-Guldberg was a Danish statesman, historian and de facto prime minister of Denmark, 1772–1784.-Biography:...


  • May 1 – The Royal Copenhagen
    Royal Copenhagen
    Royal Copenhagen, officially the Royal Porcelain Factory is a manufacturer of porcelain products and was founded in Copenhagen 1 May 1775 under the protection of Queen Juliane Marie...

     manufactory is founded by the chemist Frantz Heinrich Müller, who is given a 50-year monopoly to create porcelainand in Denmark, and begins operations in a converted post office.


  • October 19 – Kamma Rahbek
    Kamma Rahbek
    Kamma Rahbek , née Heger , was a Danish artist, salonist and lady of letters....

    , salonist and lady of letters (d. 1829
    1829 in Denmark
    -Incumbents:* Monarch – HM Frederick VI* Prime minister – Otto Joachim-Events:* June 7 – C. F. Hansen's new Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen inaugurated after the previous building was destroyed in the British Bombardement of Copenhagen in 1807....


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