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  Subject Replies Date
Van Gogh's medical condition 1 10/26/2016
Early life 1 10/26/2016
Do you think he is a good artist? and why do you tink that? 1 11/24/2015
Am austine asare and am new here,and l want to join your highly respected society, but am stock up, with the procedure or steps to join. please can yo... 0 8/13/2014
What painting did he sell 0 7/4/2014
His ear 0 7/4/2014
Which painting did he sell in his lifetime and to whom? 2 3/19/2014
Discuss the subject matter of starry night by van gogh 0 2/10/2014
How did he developed person self imagery in a self to visually convey ideas, thoughts, and feelings 0 12/11/2013
What did Vincent mean when he talked of painting in the metamorphic? 3 8/17/2013
I would like a picture of the Dutch Reformed church where Vincent vanGogh was born in 1853 and the grave of his brother , born in 1852 Thank you Mar... 2 8/11/2013
Does anyone know why it took so long for him to die after he shot himself? 1 7/17/2013
What would you want to say to him? 2 6/10/2013
Did people appreciate him as a painter 1 6/10/2013
Did people appreciate him as a person 2 6/10/2013
What could you have done to save his life 1 6/10/2013
Would you do the same thing he did, that he ended his life 1 6/10/2013
How did his work been recognized 1 6/10/2013
Did the treatment of people to him help him improve his work as a painter 1 6/10/2013
Did his works given recognition 1 6/10/2013
Career as a preacher 2 3/7/2012
Which artists influenced van Gogh? 3 2/3/2011