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  Subject Replies Date
Why did spain choose guinea during the scramble for africa 0 11/15/2015
What's the reasons for exploring spain? 0 4/15/2015
Where do most people come from to live in Spain? 0 10/28/2014
What was Spain's role in the Napoleonic Wars? 2 6/15/2014
I would like to know the address of the residences of Miguel Primo de Rivera(Spanish dictator 1923-1930) between the years of 1919 to 1925. And also ... 0 4/5/2013
Pre-Roman peoples in Spain 1 3/8/2012
Muslim Spain 1 3/7/2012
when the flag was adopted 0 9/27/2011
20th century Spain 1 2/5/2011
Roman Empire in Spain 1 1/1/2011