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Hello I am in the final stages of writing a crime novel (set in Edinburgh), and I would like to be accurate regarding applicable Scots law. The ... 0 9/16/2018
Hi everyone. My girldfriend was doing a Social Work course at Uni this year but has recently been withdrawn from the course and I want to know if... 0 11/10/2013
My student son has been asked to pay money to a landlord under 'The Law of Intent' regarding a tenancy agreement for a place in a flat albeit he has n... 0 8/22/2013
North Lanark Council give out recycling bins free of charge to all residents, but only council tennants get the normal refuse bin free of charge. Hom... 0 2/20/2013
In the 16th century (1500's) what would be you puishment if you: killed someone, commited adultery, stole something , killed an animal. please he... 0 12/24/2012
My mother passed away in March. There is a solicitor who is executor for the will. I am unable to return to the UK because of work commitments in the ... 0 12/15/2012
Hi I want to know what if someone shuts a door on someones face and the other guy pushes her away with great force, is the guy that pushed liable f... 0 11/17/2012