Scots law
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North Lanark Council give out recycling bins free of charge to all residents, but only council tennants get the normal refuse bin free of charge.
Home owners are being told to pay for their bin.As the home owner is paying an exorbitant amount of council tax compared to a tennant, it seems that perhaps the council are breaking the law.
Surely under rules of Health,hygeine and safety it is incumbent on them to provide all residents with the means to safely discard waste free of charge.
A second question on this subject arises from the instruction given to householders to put bins out on collection day on the highway.This has led to the theft of bins in large numbers by local youths.The householder is then held to account for the stolen bin and has to pay for a replacement.
Can you give an answer to these points.Is it legal to charge private home owners and not tennants?
Is it legal to charge for replacement bins stolen from places where residents were instructed to leave them for collection?
Many thanks