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What is the best treatment for schizophrenia? Is there a cure? 0 5/23/2015
Dear Sirs, I have a 27 yr old son who is either schizophrenic or schizo-affective, depending on which doctor you speak to. He was diagnosed with me... 0 5/23/2015
Is or has psychosurgery used for treatment of schizophrenia? 1 3/21/2015
How was the condition found out? 2 6/16/2014
What percentage of people are affected by it usually? 2 6/14/2014
Misunderstandings About Schizophrenia 0 10/16/2013
Are there any discovered supposed causes 2 5/12/2013
Do you have a family member with a diagnosis of schizophrenia? 2 2/18/2013
Prevention of schizophrenia 0 12/30/2012
What are the symptoms of schizophrenia? 2 3/7/2012
What are the health problems that came along with it? 2 2/5/2012