Misunderstandings About Schizophrenia
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Nothing makes me sicker than society stigmatizing the mentally ill. As a person with Paranoid Personality Disorder, it scares me at how close that disease is to schizophrenia. Only after i realized i had it was i then paying close attention to shows, movies, and books. Many of them seem to stigmatize mental illness in some way, such as the whole "eye twitch" thing in kids' shows that not-so-inconspicuously suggests that the person is 'crazy'. God, how i hate that word. people don't understand. The entire eye-twicth is played off the side-effects of meds prescribed for paranoia and schizophrenia disorders, where there are involuntary facial tics. I hate how people think mental illness is funny. It's not funny. Society is the sickest part of it all, stigmatizing things they do not understand. How when you're arranging something people say 'oh, you're suddenly OCD' makes me want to bust their teeth out. I know i'm not the only one who knows what it's like.