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  Subject Replies Date
What is the most important thing discovered by the Mars rovers? 1 2/23/2019
How long would it take to reach Mars with current technology? 0 2/13/2019
Why does Elon Musk want to spend such an enormous amount of money going to Mars when we have so many problems right here on this planet? 3 9/21/2018
Cydonia, Mars and the Golden Mean Spiral (An interesting find) 0 5/15/2017
Mars in fiction 2 9/24/2016
Mars water found while Mars water is impossible? 0 12/22/2015
Martians 2 8/21/2015
How large was the impactor that created the Hellas Crater? I understand that it occured early in Mars evolution (around 700,000 years) and is 6 miles... 0 1/6/2014
Mars Atmospheric Pressure Higher Than Claimed? 6 9/9/2013
Are we due to get some form of "Google Mars" in the near future? 0 1/29/2013
Life On Mars 0 12/13/2012
Is Martian colonilization possible? 3 3/6/2012
distance between earth and mars? 2 10/8/2011