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  Subject Replies Date
Mahabharata as a Story of Societies flaws 0 2/4/2018
The NC 17 version of the Mahabharata 0 2/4/2018
This question is about karna. As Karna was born to Kunti before her marriage with Pandu can we consider him Yadav instead of Pandav? 1 1/27/2018
How the Pandava brothers came to find themselves tired,and thirsty,deep in the forest. 0 1/15/2018
Which character reavels artha in this epic. 0 11/21/2014
why are Yudhistira and his brothers so tired and thirsty? 0 4/8/2014
How was creat 100 sons and 1 daughter of gandhari ? 1 10/6/2013
Writer of mahabharat 1 8/11/2013
What is Chakravyuha? What is Chakravyuha called in English? 0 6/3/2013
In Mahabharatham subhatra is wife of arjuna and sister of Krishnan wheather she is born to vasudevar or nandagopar 1 4/24/2013
What is the real identity of yaksha and why has he come to the lake?how does the yaksha reward yudhistira for his correct answers? 0 1/24/2013
What happens to yudhistira's brothers down on the ground? 0 1/24/2013
How the pandava brothers came to find themselves tired and thirsty, deep in the forest. 0 1/24/2013
Why did duryhodana want to get rid of the Pandava brothers? 1 12/5/2012
The longest epic mahabharat has how many shlokas 0 12/1/2012
Mahabharat paintings and incidences 1 11/17/2012
Could you let me know as why should we believe in Mahabharata ? Their is no scientific proof to it.. 5 11/14/2012