Mahabharata as a Story of Societies flaws
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In my previous post I gave a few examples of societal flaws from the Mahabharata. Kunti's early teenage pregnancy (pregnant with Karna), losing her virginity to a male older than her own father, genetically recessive disorders expressing themselves in the offspring of he queens, Kunti having more children out of wedlock, and Madri having a threesome. Now one undeniable theme in the Mahabharata is that the dvija (twice born) can be pardoned for a lot of heinous things. A few examples are as follows: Drona requesting the self-mutilation of Ekalavya, because his royal pupil isn't happy that he is not Drona's best pupil. Kunti and the Pandavas knowingly inviting five Nishadas and their mother to their deaths in the house of paper mache and ghee. Or Draupadi as royalty carrying on with five men at one time, and not be considered a whore, while any other woman that would do the same would definitely be considered one. The list can go on and you may add to the discussion. Now I'm not trying to insult the sacred texts, I'm merely pointing out that a number of things in it cannot be taken at face value, and that it we have to make decisions of what is right or wrong from the story.