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I have an older tractor how can I take the serial number and get additional information as to the year and actual make, I think it a H? 0 3/2/2016
Does anyone know if the old IH refrigerators had a glass drip pan or tray original to them? 0 2/16/2016
Does anyone have information on International Harvester #7 corn sheller/shredders? Our club is restoring one that was donated,it seems sto be in worki... 0 2/11/2016
I have a 3388 2+2 and I'm trying to change tires and need to turn rim, seems to be locked to other axles is there a way to disconect or do you have to... 0 1/24/2016
I have a 3588 and my hydrolics quit working I reconnected the hoses to other female plug in fittings nothing.I took the pump off had it rebuilt. they ... 1 12/26/2015
I worked at IH Farm Equipment Research Center in Hinsdale, Illinois from June 1966 until August 1973. Am I eligible for any pension benefits? 0 12/21/2015
Is there a source for either (t 9 motor) parts and or w 9 motor parts. gas model. i am trying to revamp a w 9 gas model farm trsactor. did ihc ha... 0 12/19/2015
How are the batteries on a 1976 1566 connected.we have had them off and not sure how to put them back correctley. please help 0 11/25/2015
I just purchased a wooden wagon, I believe it is a grain wagon. On the wheel shaft is IH & X3G or X36 (can't really read it). Could anyone tell me som... 0 10/6/2015
Does anyone have any information about the elusive tx84 prototype? I have heard much like a cross between a 3688 and a magnum. 0 9/25/2015
I have a 1942 International Harvester freezer that still works like a champ. Anyone know of anybody that collects these old freezers and refinishes th... 1 8/16/2015
How do I get the most power out of a 660 diesel. We are looking to rebuild the engine, pump and injectors already done. Was wondering if any one ha... 0 8/14/2015
I worked for Harvester from 1977-1979. Am I entitled to some kind of pension 0 7/27/2015
Shifting problems on 1981 1086 3 6/12/2015
I worked for international harvester for 13 years 1968-1981 now 65 years old, is a pension or retirement benefit availble for me. Nathan 0 5/5/2015
1910 - 1920 horse drawn 2 row planter 0 1/4/2015
Hello. where is the cheapest place to get a dist assy fof my 1979 scout 304 thanks 0 12/22/2014
A friend has a '59 or 60 IH 560 Gas Burner. He is trying to rewire it as the wiring was broken and missing. The ammeter had a wire on on the in and ou... 0 12/17/2014
I have a 73 1110 pickup came with 304 and t-19 granny four will a 460 ford motor mate with the t-19. 0 12/17/2014
Would anyone happen to know how many travelalls were produced in 1953. Im looking for any info pertaining to this year travelall. Thanks! 0 9/16/2014
On a 1968 International Harvester Model 60 Serial Number 9980N. What volt battery does it take 6 or 12. If you could let us know ASAP I would apprecia... 0 8/23/2014