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Was geoffrey chaucer a spy? 0 12/6/2015
What are some of Chaucer's most important works? 2 9/22/2015
Chaucer's influence 1 8/20/2015
What place does Chaucer occupy in the popular culture? 2 7/19/2015
How have critics received Chaucer's work? 2 6/15/2014
How did geofreefry chaucer become a civill servant and what did that have on his writings 0 12/1/2013
What year did Geoffrey Chaucer introduce royal rhyme? 0 9/16/2013
Chaucer's legacy 1 4/10/2013
What is the difference between the style of writing of Geoffrey Chaucer and William Langland? 0 9/22/2012
Chaucer's influence on the English language 1 3/6/2012
The father of modern English literature 1 1/2/2011