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My company has solar gas turbines T-60 at our oil facility. These turbines generators are dual fuel i.e. gas & diesel. As per forcast we will not be a... 0 9/22/2017
I recently obtained a surplus WR-24-1 engine. Can anyone help me with the hydraulic starter requirements such as pressure and flow of hydraulic fluid ... 0 5/14/2017
What is the turbine inlet temperature for real gas turbine cycle when pressure ratio is 7, compressor inlet temperature is 300K and Cp/Cv=1.4 and if ... 0 12/3/2016
What are the fundamental elements of a rotary engine? 2 10/27/2016
Gas Turbine Design & Analysis Tool 0 8/31/2016
Fuel Control System for Garrett GTP30-67 0 3/20/2016
Total cost of ownership 0 1/10/2016
I am preparing a tender document for purchasing 4 turbo compressor gas turbine drive. my question is how to insert in the tender evaluation some crit... 0 1/10/2016
Vibration of the gas turbine 0 9/20/2015
Hello, can you tell me the options we have in the market for Gas Turbine Drivers in the range of 300 kw to 7000 kw? Preferable running at 3600 rpm, th... 2 8/27/2015
Pressure in combustion chamber 0 8/3/2015
I would like to know about the terminology of ALSTOM frame type gas turbines such as GT13E2,GT11N2,GT24, ... 0 7/24/2015
Atypical InFlow (Fueled) Thermodynamic Technology Submission - Gearturbine Project 0 5/26/2015
Gas Turbine NPT Decrease after Uprate. Dear Gas Turbine Team, thanks for this informative Forum; I am facing the following issue after Gas turbine Dr... 0 5/22/2015
always i have a message ( mass battery 125vdc) which appears in a turbine GE 9000 waths is origine ??? 0 3/7/2015
Hi friends? We have centaur 4500 and 4700 gas turbines from solat turbine inc. I want to know how to calculate the TRIT(Turbine rotor inlet tempratur... 0 12/29/2014
During acceleration when excitation is on we got 'high shaft current' alarm. According to GE , during acceleration this alarm is normal. I do not ag... 0 8/20/2014
The GE Frame 9E DLN-1 machine that we are operating is having a problem on load hunting. P2 pressure and GCV are also hunting. Please advice possible ... 2 8/17/2014
I am working in combined cycle power plant and recently i have faced a problem that is we have 2 gas turbines and 1 steam turbine. Few days ago a d... 1 7/22/2014
What are the instruments in which the gas turbine is used? 1 7/17/2014
What is the basic function of a gas turbine in simple words? 2 7/17/2014
What is the process that produces energy using a gas turbine? 2 6/16/2014
What is the air and fuel compsumption from a LM6000 turbine on Idle and on Baseload 0 5/11/2014
LM2500 & LM6000 in Australia 6 4/7/2014
I want to know how the gas turbine control system is designed and how its stability is evaluated? 0 2/20/2014
Micro turbines to power guided missiles 0 5/20/2013
Since when have gas turbines been in existence? 2 4/10/2013
I m doing a project on producing electricity from gas power plant using biogs as a fuel, so i needed some help on designing of axial flow turbines bei... 0 2/6/2013
1)what is the relationship between gas flow rate and air velocity due to the air mass flow rate? 2)what is the relationship between gas flow rate and... 0 9/2/2012