Franklin D. Roosevelt
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How did FDR's polio affect his presidency? 4 10/27/2016
President 0 3/6/2016
What is the chronological account of roosevelt life 0 9/14/2015
Aeronautical asbestos researcher 0 7/18/2015
Who messed up the nation mor FDR or obama FDR besids piking the right sid in WW II did not help out the nation obama becids keping the war what did he... 1 8/1/2014
Who messed up the nation mor FDR or obama 0 8/1/2014
What were some of FDR's greatest achievements as President? 2 6/15/2014
What is FDR's legacy? 6 6/14/2014
Was franklin d roosevelt the best president???!! 8 5/12/2014
What was the reasoning behind FDR wanting the deaths of German saboteurs captured in 1942? 1 3/29/2014
Was mr. ex president franklin D Roosevelt suffering from any mental illness kind of disorder 6 3/4/2014
I have a silk hankerchif that was sent to my dads parents not long after he was born from FDR. It has ( HAPPY DAYS and FDR's name embrordered in the... 0 2/24/2014
Before the Presidency of Franlin D. Roosevelt, the nature of news coverage in the Washington D.C. area had been: 0 11/19/2013
How did franklin have a higher purpose in life 1 11/9/2013
Was he a good leader during ww11 1 10/25/2013
Legally, what constitutes neutrality during wartime? After the passage of the Lend Lease Law was the United States still neutral? 0 8/25/2013
List of Franklin Roosevelt's advisers 0 7/27/2013
I am fascinated by the way he hid his disability from the public. Did anybody in this forum ever see FDR "walking" with the aid of his son or somebody... 0 5/21/2013
How old was fdr when he died? 3 4/22/2013
Selling a Autograph Picture of Franklin D Roosevelt 1 4/8/2013
Bio help 1 4/6/2013
what region did the democratic party primarily represent Franklin d. Roosevelt ran in 1932 0 10/28/2012
How did Roosevelt respond to Pearl Harbor? 2 4/9/2012
What was FDR's stance on civil rights? 2 4/9/2012