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  Subject Replies Date
Evolution of the asteroid belt 1 10/27/2016
Asteroid families 1 10/26/2016
Asteroid belt exploration 1 9/24/2016
1. Should all solar systems have asteroid belts? 2. Should all solar systems show evidence of an age of heavy bombardment? 3. is the Nebula Hypothes... 0 2/13/2016
Origins of the asteroid belt 1 8/20/2015
Does anyone know if there is data on planetary conjunction affects on asteroid orbits? 0 4/16/2015
How does the asteroid belt forms 0 3/7/2015
What is the astriod belts distants 0 2/16/2015
The size of the astroid belt 0 12/16/2013
Is a gas or soild 1 12/16/2013
I wish to know the distince away from the sun the asteroid belt is and what is the belts width 0 11/10/2013
The asteroid belt 1 11/10/2013
Does anyone know where Vesta was located in the zodiac April 28 1969? Also does any of the asteroids contain magnetic material? If so which one and ho... 1 7/10/2013
History of asteroid belt 1 3/8/2012
Composition and characteristics of the asteroid belt 2 1/2/2011