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  Subject Replies Date
Which movie about A.I. is the most accurate? 1 1/7/2020
Will artificial intelligence be able to invent new technologies? 0 12/27/2019
Will artificial intelligence take over the world? 42 8/7/2019
I'm a bachelor student, by the way I'm going to major in Artificial Intelligence in higher educations. I used to use languages like Delphi, C#, PHP... 0 8/16/2018
When will we have machines as smart as people? 5 4/7/2018
Which company will win the A.I. war. 0 1/7/2018
Will artificial intelligence ever have emotions? 3 1/7/2018
How does artificial intelligence learn? 2 1/7/2017
What was the first AI? 0 2/17/2016
2. What is the common application of decision tree application? 0 4/15/2015
1.What is the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning? 1 4/15/2015