Artificial intelligence
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How can I do study in AI? programming languages, mathematics and etc I'll need ...


I'm a bachelor student, by the way I'm going to major in Artificial Intelligence in higher educations.

I used to use languages like Delphi, C#, PHP and a minimum of C/C++ before to develop windows and web applications.

Now I'm going to major in Artificial Intelligence and do research in fields I like.

Because I have a great principle of programming and algorithm, I like to continue programming. programming in AI fields.

I'll do programming after I finished my studies. So please give me some info about the AI and the most popular languages used in AI fields.

I would like to know some information about:

Computer Vision field
How much should I have mathematics principle
Which programming language and software I need while I'm studying and also when I joined a company (ie. Matlab, Maple, C++, Java and etc)
Which field of AI are hot in USA/Canada/German/Australia/UK
What's your recommendation to me about the way I'm going to do!
Thank you.