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Which side do you believe was more responsible for causing the Revolution - the American colonists or the British? 0 1/25/2016
Who was in the american revolution 0 12/7/2015
Does Race factor into the American Revolution? 0 10/26/2015
What were the social and political changes occured as a result of the American Revolution? 0 6/1/2015
Starting from the end of the French and Indian War, account for the outbreak of the American Revolution. Examine the origins of independence from bot... 0 4/10/2015
When did it first began? 0 3/5/2015
What effect did the American Revolution have on the writers of the time? 0 12/15/2014
What cultural, economic, and political traditions tied the American colonies together on the eve of the American Revolution? What events in early colo... 2 9/28/2014
Were there any loyalist refugees harbored in charleston sc during the revolutionary war (1780-1783)? If so were they in great number? 0 2/6/2014
Who did King George send when rejecting the olive branch plea? 0 11/1/2013
What best describes the principal concern the liberal revolutions of 1776 and 1789 0 3/19/2013
was the american revolution a "revolution from above" or a "revolution from below"? 0 10/18/2012
what was the attitude behind the olive branch petition 1 10/13/2012
jow did the french alliance ensure the success in the American Rebelion? 2 9/28/2012