XHTV founded in 1950 by Romulo O'Farril, is a flagship TV station of FOROtv. Although FOROtv does not have any full-time affiliates most Televisa locals around the republic select some FOROtv programming for their broadcasting. FOROtv is available on various cable television
Cable television
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 companies and SKY México
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 satellite service.


On August 30, 2010 (sixty years after the channel was founded), the channel had been rebranded as FOROtv (literally "Forum TV") – most of Televisa's news programs were moved here (and new news and talk programs were created), such as Las Noticias por Adela (from XEQ). Prior to this, the channel as Canal de la Ciudad ("The City's Channel") broadcast programs targeted at the México City metro area.

Current programs

Some of the programs on XHTV as Foro TV currently include the following:
  • Matutino Express (Morning Express)
  • El Mañanero
  • Las Noticias por Adela (The News with Adela)
  • A las Tres (At 3:00, anchored by Paola Rojas)
  • Hora 21 (9pm news, anchored by León Krauze)
  • El Centro del Debate
  • Es La Hora De Opinar (It's Time to Give Your Opinion)

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