Vise may refer to:
  • Miami Vise
    Miami Vise
    The Miami Vise were an arena football team formed by Arena Football League founder Jim Foster for the purposes of playing a "test game" on February 26, 1987 at the Rosemont Horizon against the Chicago Bruisers...

    , a defunct AFL team
  • Vise (tool)
    Vise (tool)
    A vise or vice is a mechanical screw apparatus used for holding or clamping a work piece to allow work to be performed on it with tools such as saws, planes, drills, mills, screwdrivers, sandpaper, etc. Vises usually have one fixed jaw and another, parallel, jaw which is moved towards or away from...

    , a mechanical screw apparatus
  • Vise (architecture), an architectural element
  • Venus In-Situ Explorer
    Venus In-Situ Explorer
    The Venus In-Situ Explorer is a mission that was proposed by the NASA planetary science Decadal Survey as a space probe designed to answer fundamental scientific questions by landing and performing experiments on Venus...

  • The Vise
    The Vise
    The Vise is a half-hour dramatic anthology television series which aired at 9:30 p.m. EST on Fridays on ABC from December 1955 to June 1957....

    , TV show
  • Visé
    Visé is a Walloon municipality and city of Belgium, where it is located on the river Meuse, in the province of Liège.The municipality consists of the former municipalities of Visé, Lanaye, Lixhe, Richelle, Argenteau and Cheratte....

    , Belgium

People with the surname Vise:
  • Brittany Vise
    Brittany Vise
    Brittany Vise is a retired American pair skater who also competed as a single skater. For most of her career, she competed with Nicholas Kole. They broke up following the 2005/2006 season. From 1998-1999, she competed with Jeremy Abbott...

     (born 1987), retired American pair skater
  • David A. Vise
    David A. Vise
    David A. Vise, a journalist and author for over 20 years, is now a Senior Advisor to New Mountain Capital, a New York-based investment firm, and New Mountain Vantage, its public equity fund. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1990 while working as a business reporter for the Washington Post...

     (21st century), American journalist
  • Hollie Vise
    Hollie Vise
    Hollie Diane Vise is an American female gymnast. A two-time World Champion, Vise is currently attending the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.-Early career:...

     (born 1987), American gymnast
  • Tiffany Vise
    Tiffany Vise
    Tiffany Vise is an American pair skater. Between 2003 and 2009, she competed with partner Derek Trent. On November 17, 2007, Vise & Trent landed the first clean throw quadruple salchow jump in international competition...

    (born 1986), American pair skater
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