Viator of Bergamo
Saint Viator of Bergamo (died 370) is venerated as the second bishop of Bergamo. Viator is unanimously and traditionally considered the successor of Saint Narnus in that see. Viator's episcopate is considered to have lasted from 343 to 370.

Viator attended the Council of Sardica
Council of Sardica
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sofia and Plovdiv is a Roman Catholic diocese of the Latin Rite, which includes the whole southern part of Bulgaria. The remainder of Bulgaria is comprised in the Diocese of Nicopoli. The seat of the episcopal see is in Plovdiv. The diocese is immediately subject of...

 (342-3), called to adjust the doctrinal and other difficulties of the Arian controversy
Arian controversy
The Arian controversy describes several controversies between the Christian Church fathers Arius and Athanasius related to Christology which divided the Christian church from before the Council of Nicaea in 325 to after the Council of Constantinople in 381...

. Viator assisted in the composition of decrees
Canon law
Canon law is the body of laws & regulations made or adopted by ecclesiastical authority, for the government of the Christian organization and its members. It is the internal ecclesiastical law governing the Catholic Church , the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches, and the Anglican Communion of...

 there; Saint Athanasius lists him as one of the authors of the decree Apologia contra Arianus.


Viator’s legacy is long lived. His name appears on calendars dating from the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth centuries; his name appears in a litany
A litany, in Christian worship and some forms of Jewish worship, is a form of prayer used in services and processions, and consisting of a number of petitions...

 dating from the twelfth century.

Viator was buried in the crypt
In architecture, a crypt is a stone chamber or vault beneath the floor of a burial vault possibly containing sarcophagi, coffins or relics....

 of a church in Bergamo dedicated to Saint Alexander of Bergamo. When this church was demolished in 1561, Viator's relics, as well as those of Narnus, were translated
Translation (relics)
In Christianity, the translation of relics is the removal of holy objects from one locality to another ; usually only the movement of the remains of the saint's body would be treated so formally, with secondary relics such as items of clothing treated with less ceremony...

 to the church of San Vincenzo, today the cathedral of Bergamo
Cathedral of Bergamo
Bergamo Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Bergamo, Italy, dedicated to Saint Alexander of Bergamo, patron saint of the city. It is the seat of the Bishop of Bergamo.-History:...

, where they still rest today.

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