Val Veny
Val Veny is a lateral valley of the Mont Blanc massif
Mont Blanc Massif
The Mont Blanc massif is a mountain range in the western Alps. It is named after Mont Blanc, at 4,810.45 m the highest summit of the Alps. It is located in France , Italy , and Switzerland...

, lying to the south-west of Courmayeur
Courmayeur is an Italian town and comune in the autonomous region of Aosta Valley, in northern Italy. It is located at the foot of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in western Europe, in the Graian Alps range, and is crossed by the Dora Baltea...

. The valley head is at the col de la Seigne, over which lies the Tarentaise Valley
Tarentaise Valley
The Tarentaise Valley is a valley of the Isère River in the heart of the French Alps, located in the Savoy region of France. The valley is named for the ancient town of Darantasia, the capital of the pre-Roman Centrones tribe.-Description:...



Val Veny was formed by two glaciers: the Miage Glacier
Miage Glacier
The Miage Glacier is a debris-covered glacier in northwestern Italy. It is situated on the southwest flank of the Mont Blanc massif, flowing from Col de Bionnassay into Val Veny. At around in length, it is Italy's longest glacier and also the largest debris-covered glacier in Europe...

 and the Brenva Glacier.

Val Veny is divided into three parts:
  • the part that lies parallel to the Mont Blanc massif, between the Col de la Seigne (2,512m) and part of the Miage Glacier
  • the part called Plan Vény (the plain of the Dora Baltea
    Dora Baltea
    Dora Baltea or Doire Baltée , is a river in northern Italy. It is a left-hand tributary of the Po River, and is about 160 km long...

  • the mouth of the valley, dominated by Mont Blanc and the lower Brenva Glacier (1,444m)

Lake Chécrouit (2,165m) lies on the right side of the Val Veny, near Courmayeur. On the opposite side you can see Mont Blanc, the Dent du Géant
Dent du Géant
The Dent du Géant is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif in France and Italy.The mountain has two summits, eighty-eight feet apart and separated by a small col :*Pointe Graham , first ascent by W. W...

 (4,013 m ) and the Brenva Glacier.

At the entrance of the valley lies the shrine of Our Lady of Healing.


Val Veny is the starting point of the normal Italian route on Mont Blanc via the Miage Glacier and the Francesco Gonnella hut.

Shelters and bivouacs

  • Refuge Mont-Blanc
    Refuge Mont-Blanc
    Refuge Mont-Blanc is a refuge in the Alps in Val Veny, near the Aosta Valley, Italy.-External links:*...

     - 1,700m
  • Refuge Maison Vieille - 1,956m
  • Refuge Élisabeth
    Refuge Elisabetta Soldini Montanaro
    Refuge Elisabetta Soldini Montanaro is a refuge in the Alps....

     - 2,195m
  • Refuge Monzino - 2,590m
  • Refuge Francesco Gonella - 3,071m
  • Refuge Durier
    Refuge Durier
    The Refuge Durier is a refuge in the Alps. It is in Haute-Savoie department in France....

     - 3,358m
  • Refuge Quintino Sella
    Refuge Quintino Sella (Mont-Blanc)
    Refuge Quintino Sella is a refuge in the Alps in Aosta Valley, Italy....

    - 3,363m
  • Bivouac Lorenzo Borelli - Carlo Pivano - 2,310m
  • Bivouac Adolphe Hess - 2,958m
  • Bivouac Gino Rainetto - 3,047m
  • Bivouac de la Brenva - 3,060m
  • Bivouac Piero Craveri - 3,490m
  • Bivouac Alberico - Borgna à la Fourche - 3,680m
  • Bivouac Marco Crippa - 3,850m
  • Bivouac Giuseppe Lampugnani - 3,860m

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