VCD is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings, as described below:
  • VCD Athletic
    VCD Athletic F.C.
    VCD Athletic F.C. are a football club based in Crayford, London, England. They joined the Kent League in 1997...

    , semi-professional football team
  • Video CD
    Video CD
    Before the advent of DVD and Blu-ray, the Video CD became the first format for distributing films on standard 120 mm optical discs. The format is a standard digital format for storing video on a Compact Disc...

  • Voice command device
    Voice command device
    A voice command device is a device controlled by means of the human voice. By removing the need to use buttons, dials and switches, consumers can easily operate appliances with their hands full or while doing other tasks....

  • Value change dump
    Value change dump
    Value change dump is an ASCII-based format for dumpfiles generated by EDA logic simulation tools. The standard, four-value VCD format was defined along with the Verilog hardware description language by the IEEE Standard 1364-1995 in 1995. An Extended VCD format defined six years later in the IEEE...

     (IEEE 1364 Verilog
    In the semiconductor and electronic design industry, Verilog is a hardware description language used to model electronic systems. Verilog HDL, not to be confused with VHDL , is most commonly used in the design, verification, and implementation of digital logic chips at the register-transfer level...

  • Vocal cord dysfunction
    Vocal cord dysfunction
    Vocal cord dysfunction is a condition that affects the vocal folds, commonly referred to as the vocal cords, which is characterized by full or partial vocal fold closure that usually occurs during inhalation for short periods of time; however, can occur during both inhalation and exhalation....

  • Visual Communication and Design
  • Vapnik Chervonenkis dimension
  • Vibrational circular dichroism
    Vibrational circular dichroism
    Vibrational circular dichroism is a spectroscopic technique which detects differences in attenuation of left and right circularly polarized light passing through a sample...

  • Vinyl cyclohexene dioxide, also known as 4-vinyl cyclohexene diepoxide
  • Vertical Column Density
  • Value chain
    Value chain
    The value chain, is a concept from business management that was first described and popularized by Michael Porter in his 1985 best-seller, Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance.-Firm Level:...

    (or value-add chain) diagram
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