Troop (disambiguation)
Troop may refer to the following:

  • Troop
    A troop is a military unit, originally a small force of cavalry, subordinate to a squadron and headed by the troop leader. In many armies a troop is the equivalent unit to the infantry section or platoon...

    , a small unit of cavalry or some police forces
  • Troop (band)
    Troop (band)
    ----Troop is an R&B group from Pasadena, California. TROOP has had three number one singles and ten top ten singles on the Billboard R&B Charts. They have also completed five albums, which include three certified gold and one certified platinum album...

    , an R&B group from Pasadena
  • Troops (film), an independent spoof of COPS and Star Wars
  • F Troop
    F Troop
    F Troop is a satirical American television sitcom that originally aired for two seasons on ABC-TV. It debuted in the United States on September 14, 1965 and concluded its run on April 6, 1967 with a total of 65 episodes. The first season of 34 episodes was filmed in black-and-white, but the show...

    , a satirical American television sitcom
  • Scout troop
    Scout troop
    The Scout troop is a unit of Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts that usually meet weekly. Girl Guides often use Unit or Company instead. The troop is the fundamental unit, which a Scout joins and via which he or she participates in Scouting activities, such as camping, backpacking, and...

    , a unit of boy or girl scouts
  • Support our troops
    Support our troops
    Support our troops is a slogan commonly used in the United States and Canada in reference to each country's military forces or troops. The slogan has been used during recent conflicts, including the Gulf War and the Iraq war....

    , a popular slogan
  • Troop, a family name from Kipling's Captains Courageous
    Captains Courageous
    Captains Courageous is an 1897 novel, by Rudyard Kipling, that follows the adventures of fifteen-year-old Harvey Cheyne Jr., the arrogant and spoiled son of a railroad tycoon...

  • Troop, the collective noun for a group of baboons or lemurs
  • Troops, a collective term for soldier
    A soldier is a member of the land component of national armed forces; whereas a soldier hired for service in a foreign army would be termed a mercenary...

  • The Troop
    The Troop
    The Troop is an American-Canadian live-action, single camera comedy-adventure television series about a trio of teenagers who fight and capture monsters and other supernatural phenomena that invade the fictional town of Lakewood...

    , a TV sitcom
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