Tribes of Arabia
Tribes of Arabia refers to Arab
Arab people, also known as Arabs , are a panethnicity primarily living in the Arab world, which is located in Western Asia and North Africa. They are identified as such on one or more of genealogical, linguistic, or cultural grounds, with tribal affiliations, and intra-tribal relationships playing...

 clans hailing from the Arabian Peninsula
Arabian Peninsula
The Arabian Peninsula is a land mass situated north-east of Africa. Also known as Arabia or the Arabian subcontinent, it is the world's largest peninsula and covers 3,237,500 km2...


Much of the lineage provided before Ma'ad relies on biblical genealogy and therefore questions persist concerning the accuracy of this segment of Arab genealogy. The general consensus among 14th century Arabic genealogists is that Arabs are of three kinds:

Perishing Arabs (Arabic: العرب الهالكة): These are the ancients of whose history little is known. They include ‘Aad, Thamud
The Thamūd were a people of ancient Arabia who were known from the 1st millennium BC to near the time of Muhammad. Although they are thought to have originated in southern Arabia, Arabic tradition has them moving north to settle on the slopes of Mount Athlab near Mada'in Saleh...

, Tasm, Jadis, Imlaq and others. Jadis and Tasm perished because of genocide. 'Aad and Thamud perished because of their decadence, as recorded in the Qur'an. Archaeologists have recently uncovered inscriptions that contain references to 'Iram, which was a major city of the 'Aad. Imlaq is the singular form of 'Amaleeq and is probably synonymous to the biblical Amalek
The Amalekites are a people mentioned a number of times in the Hebrew Bible. They are considered to be descended from an ancestor Amalek....


Pure Arabs (Arabic: العرب العرباء): They are from Yemen
The Republic of Yemen , commonly known as Yemen , is a country located in the Middle East, occupying the southwestern to southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, the Red Sea to the west, and Oman to the east....

, originated from the progeny of Ya‘rub bin Yashjub bin Qahtan so were also called Qahtanian Arabs.

Arabized Arabs (Arabic: العرب المستعربة): They originated from the progeny of Ishmael
Ishmael is a figure in the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an, and was Abraham's first born child according to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Ishmael was born of Abraham's marriage to Sarah's handmaiden Hagar...

 the first born son of the patriarch Abraham
Abraham , whose birth name was Abram, is the eponym of the Abrahamic religions, among which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam...

 and the Jurhum
Jurhum was a Qahtani tribe in the Arabian peninsula. An old Arab tribe, their historical abode was Yemen before they emigrated to Mecca....

 tribe, also called ‘Adnani Arabs
Adnan is the traditional ancestor of the Adnani Arabs of northern, central and western Arabia, as opposed to the Qahtani of Southern and south eastern Arabia who descend from Qahtan.-Origin:...

. Prophet Muhammad
Muhammad |ligature]] at U+FDF4 ;Arabic pronunciation varies regionally; the first vowel ranges from ~~; the second and the last vowel: ~~~. There are dialects which have no stress. In Egypt, it is pronounced not in religious contexts...

 is an 'Adnani Arab.

List of tribes

Below is a partial list of the tribes of Arabia.


  • Banu Abbas
  • Banu Abd Shams
    Banu Abd Shams
    Banu Abd Shams refers to a clan within the Meccan tribe of Quraish. The clan names itself from Abd Shams ibn Abd Manaf, the son of Abd Manaf ibn Qusai and brother of Hashim, the great-grandfather of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.-Connection with the Umayyads:...

  • Banu Abs
    Banu Abs
    The ' is an ancient Bedouin tribe from central Arabia, they branch from the powerful Ghatafan tribes. They still inhabit the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. Of the earliest stories concerning this tribe was the famous classical love and war story of Antar and Abla...

  • Banu Adi
    Banu Adi
    Banu Adi is a clan of the Quraish tribe.Banu Adi were with the Meccans as part of the escort that preceded the Battle of Badr, they did not join Quraish further.-list:Among the clan members can be found:*Khattab ibn Nufayl. Father of Caliph Omar...

  • Banu Ajlan
  • Ajman (tribe)
    Ajman (tribe)
    Al-'Ajman or al-'Ijman are a bedouin tribe of northeastern Arabia, with members spread across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the U.A.E.....

  • 'Ad
  • Bani Amir
  • Banu Amr
    Banu Amr
    Banu Amr bin Auf are an Arabian tribe in Quba, on the outskirts of Medina. Umar and his companions stayed with them during the hijra from Mecca....

  • 'Anazah
  • Banu Asad
    Banu Asad
    The Bani Assad or Banu Assad is an Arab tribe in Iraq. They are Adnanite Arabs, powerful and one of the most famous tribes. They are widely respected by many Arab tribes, respected by Shia Muslims because they have buried the body of Imam Husayn, his family and companions with the help of Imam...

  • Banu Atiyah
  • Asir (tribe)
  • Banu Aus
    Banu Aus
    The Banū Aws or simply Aws was one of the main Arab tribes of Medina. The other was Khazraj, and the two, constituted the Ansar after the Hijra.Aws and Khazraj were known as Banū Qayla in pre-Islamic era.-Etymology:...

  • Al-Awazem
    Tribe Alawazmal-awazem is a large Sunni tribe of the Arabian Peninsula.The Awazem is an influential tribe in Kuwaiti politics. The tribe has an especially strong base in the first electoral district , where it forms about 14% of the voters, and the fifth electoral district , where it accounts for...

  • Banu Awf
    Banu Awf
    The Banu Awf was one of the Jewish tribes of Arabia during Muhammad's era .The Banu Awf were an Arab tribe who wished to settle in the Jewish-ruled Tayma. The population there insisted that in order to settle the Banu Awf must adopt Judaism...

  • Azd
    The Azd or Al Azd, are an Arabian tribe. They were a branch of the Kahlan tribe, which was one of the two branches of Qahtan the other being Himyar.In the ancient times, they inhabited Ma'rib, the capital city of the Sabaean Kingdom in modern-day Yemen...


  • Al-Baggara
    Al-Baggara is a large deep-rooted Sunni Muslim Arabian tribe widespread through Iraq, Syria and slightly of them in Turkey and Jordan ,And they were called by this name in relation to their ancient grandfather Muhammad Baqir.There is a tribe with the same name in western Sudan's Darfur area and...

  • Bahila
  • Banu Bahr
  • Banu Bakr
    Banu Bakr
    Banu Bakr ibn Wa'il or Banu Bakr, son of Wa'il were an Arabian tribe belonging to the large Rabi'ah branch of Adnanite tribes, which also included 'Anizzah, Taghlib, and Bani Hanifa. The tribe is reputed to have engaged in a 40-year war before Islam with its cousins from Taghlib, known as the War...

  • Banu Bakr ibn Abd Manat
    Banu Bakr ibn Abd Manat
    The Banu Bakr ibn Abd Manat were an Arabian tribe of the Hejaz region, in western Arabia.During Muhammad's lifetime, they were allies of the Quraish of Mecca....

  • Balhareth
    -The Tribe:Bani Hareth is one of the Adnani Arabs tribes living around Taif in Saudi Arabia. The tribe is one of the biggest tribes in the area and occupies the full area between Taif and Al Qunfuthah in Saudi.-See also:*Bani Yas ‎*Banu Yam*Banu Thaqif...


  • Al-Gain
  • Ghamid
  • Banu Ghaniya
    Banu Ghaniya
    The Banu Ghaniya were distant relatives of the Almoravids, who appointed them as governors of the Balearic Islands in 1126. Following the collapse of the Almoravid power at the hand of the Almohads in the 1140s, the Banu Ghaniya continued to govern the Balearic Islands as independent emirs until...

  • Banu Ghassan
    The Ghassanids were a group of South Arabian Christian tribes that emigrated in the early 3rd century from Yemen to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and the Holy Land....

  • Ghassanids
    The Ghassanids were a group of South Arabian Christian tribes that emigrated in the early 3rd century from Yemen to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and the Holy Land....

  • Ghatafan
  • Banu Ghazan
  • Banu Ghifar


  • Hakami
    The Hakami tribe or Tribe of Hakam was an Arabian tribe influential in early Muslim politics, particularly during the Umayyad Caliphate. Prior to the rise of Islam, their territory was in south and western Arabia...

  • Bani Hamida
    Bani Hamida
    The Bani Hamida were a pastoral-nomadic clan that controlled a land East of the Dead Sea before the establishment of the emirate of Jordan. They were clients of the Beni Sakhr....

  • Harb
  • Banu Harith
    Banu Harith
    The Banu Harith was one of the Jewish tribes of Arabia during Muhammad's era.They were included in point 31 of the Constitution of Medina as allies to the Muslims, being as "one nation", but retaining their Jewish religion .- References :...

  • Hashemite
    Hashemite is the Latinate version of the , transliteration: Hāšimī, and traditionally refers to those belonging to the Banu Hashim, or "clan of Hashim", a clan within the larger Quraish tribe...

  • Banu Hashim
    Banu Hashim
    Banū Hāshim was a clan in the Quraysh tribe. Muhammad, was a member of this clan; his great-grandfather was Hashim, for whom the clan is named. Members of this clan are referred to by the Anglicised version of their name as Hashemites, or Huseini or Hasani...

  • Banu Hilal
    Banu Hilal
    The Banu Hilal were a confederation of Arabian Bedouin tribes that migrated from Upper Egypt into North Africa in the 11th century, having been sent by the Fatimids to punish the Zirids for abandoning Shiism. Other authors suggest that the tribes left the grasslands on the upper Nile because of...


  • Banu Kanz
    Banu Kanz
    The Banu Kanz were a group of Rabi'ah Arabs who emigrated to Egypt and Sudan, eventually dislocating the Beja and penetrating into the desert east of the Nile around Aswan...

  • Kendah
  • Banu Khutheer -clan of Al Hajaj Tribe
    Banu Khutheer -clan of Al Hajaj Tribe
    Banu Khutheer -clan of Al Hajaj Tribe are a clan that originally goes back to their ancestor Hashid, who in turn comes from the house of Himdaan...

  • Banu Khuthayr - Al Qahtan Tribe
  • Bani Khalid
    Bani Khalid
    .'Bani Khalid'. is an Arab tribal confederation of eastern and central Arabia. The tribe dominated the eastern region of modern-day Saudi Arabia from 1670 to 1793, and again under the auspices of the Ottoman Empire for a brief period in the early 19th century...

  • Al-Khalifa
  • Al-Khalili
    ' was an astronomer of Syria who compiled extensive tables for astronomical use.Shams al-Din Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Khalili worked in Damascus, Syria at the Umayyad Mosque as a religious timekeeper for the majority of his life. Other than al-Khalili’s occupation, little is known...

  • Al-Kharusi
  • Banu Khash'am
  • Banu Khazraj
    Banu Khazraj
    -Early history:Abu Muhammad Al-hasan Ibn Ahmad Al-hamdani mentioned that The Banu Khazraj along with Banu Aws settled the area of Yathrib around the 2nd century ad as part of the PreIslamic Exodus of Yemen due to the Great Dam damage....

  • Banu Khuza'a
    Banu Khuza'a
    the Khuza'a or Banu Khuza'a form a branch of the South Arabian tribe of Azd-Origin:Most traditionalists trace the origins of the tribe to Amr ibn Lahi al-Khuza'i, and agree that with the other branches of the Azd they at some point left the Yemen and moved north. 'Amr ibn Luhay and his clan...

  • Banu Kinanah
    Banu Kinanah
    Banu Kinanah is the largest Adnanite tribe of western Saudi Arabia in Hejaz. Since Islamization they started to claim that they are descended from Kinanah, who was a grandson of Ilyas who was named after the prophet Elijah.- Ancestry :The tribe traces a genealogical history backwards from their...

  • Al-Kindy


  • Al-Maadeed
    Al-Maadeed also spelled Al-Maadid or Al-Maadhid, meaning the cooperation or alliance of people who are brave and are the main people you turn to in crises and in need, is one of the primary tribes in Qatar....

  • Al-Mahri
  • El Mahroky
  • Banu Makhzum
    Banu Makhzum
    Banū Makhzūm was one of the wealthy clans of Quraysh, the Arab tribe of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.Famous individuals of the Banū Makhzūm include*Amr ibn Hishām better known as Abu Al-Hakam or Abu Jahl*Walid ibn al-Mughira...

  • Banu Malik
  • Al Manaseer
  • Banu Mustaliq
    Banu Mustaliq
    The Banu Mustaliq are an Arabic tribe. The tribe is a sub-clan of the Banu Khuza'a, descended from Azdi Qahtani. They occupied the territory of Qadid on the Red Sea shore between Jeddah and Rabigh.-History:...

  • Banu Mustafa
  • Banu Muttalib
  • Mutayr
    Mutayr is one of the largest Sunni tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. The traditional leaders of Mutayr are the Doshan clan . The main branches of Mutayr today are Banu Abdullah, Al-'Olwa, and Braih....


  • Banu Qaynuqa
    Banu Qaynuqa
    The Banu Qaynuqa was one of the three main Jewish tribes living in the 7th century of Medina, now in Saudi Arabia...

  • Banu Quda'a
    Banu Quda'a
    Quda'a is a Himyarite tribe that was exiled from Yemen following the trials of the Lakhmids and they settled The Southern part of the Lakhmid Kingdom in the Samawa region....

  • Qahtanite
    The terms Qahtanite and Qahtani refer to Semitic peoples either originating in, or claiming genealogical descent from the southern extent of the Arabian Peninsula, especially from Yemen....

  • Quraysh
  • Banu Qurayza
    Banu Qurayza
    The Banu Qurayza were a Jewish tribe which lived in northern Arabia, at the oasis of Yathrib , until the 7th century, when their conflict with Muhammad led to their demise, after the Invasion of Banu Qurayza, took place in the Dhul Qa‘dah, 5 A.H i.e. in February/March, 627 AD...

  • Qedarites


  • Al-Saeed
  • Banu Sa'ida
    Banu Sa'ida
    The Banu Sa'ida was one of the Jewish tribes of Arabia during Muhammad's era.They were included in point 31 of the Constitution of Medina as allies to the Muslims, being as "one nation", but retaining their Jewish religion ....

  • Sayyid
    Sayyid is an honorific title, it denotes males accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad through his grandsons, Hasan ibn Ali and Husain ibn Ali, sons of the prophet's daughter Fatima Zahra and his son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib.Daughters of sayyids are given the titles Sayyida,...

  • Banu Sahm
  • Banu Salama
    Banu Salama
    Banu Salama Tudjibid family that governed the regions of Huesca and Barbitanya in the Upper Mark of Al-Andalus c. 780-800. In 800 Bahlul Ibn Marzuq, revolted in Zaragoza, taking the region and the Banu Salama were deposed....

  • Al-Salti
  • Al-Shabeeb
  • Bani Shehr
    Bani Shehr
    The Bani Shehr Tribe is a tribe from the southern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It belongs to the ancient tribe Al-Azd that has many clans linked to it. As far as ancestry goes, Bani Shehr, Bani Amr, Bal-Ahmar, Bal-Asmar, Bal-Qarn, Shumran, Shahran and Bani Malik and others all belong to...

  • Banu Shutayba
    Banu Shutayba
    The Banu Shutayba was one of the Jewish tribes of Arabia during Muhammad's era.They were included in point 31 of the Constitution of Medina as allies to the Muslims, being as "one nation", but retaining their Jewish religion. -References:...

  • Subay'
    Subay are a Sunni Muslim tribe of central Saudi Arabia. The tribe is of North Arabian stock, and traces its lineage to the large, ancient tribe of Banu 'Amir, also known as 'Amir ibn Sa'sa'a, who came to dominate Nejd in the medieval period....

  • Al-Suwaidi

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  • Arabian tribes that interacted with Muhammad
    Arabian tribes that interacted with Muhammad
    -Introduction:The most prominent of such Arabian tribes were the Banu Quraish which were in turn divided into several sub-clans. The Qur'aish sub-clan of Banu Hashim was the clan of Muhammad, while their sister sub-clan, the Banu Abd-Shams became known as his most staunch enemies...

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    Arab tribes in Iraq
    Many Iraqis identify more or less strongly with a tribe . Thirty of the 150 or so identifiable tribes in Iraq are the most influential. Tribes are grouped into federations...

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