Triakis is a genus of houndshark in the family
Family (biology)
In biological classification, family is* a taxonomic rank. Other well-known ranks are life, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus, and species, with family fitting between order and genus. As for the other well-known ranks, there is the option of an immediately lower rank, indicated by the...


The name comes from the Latin
Latin is an Italic language originally spoken in Latium and Ancient Rome. It, along with most European languages, is a descendant of the ancient Proto-Indo-European language. Although it is considered a dead language, a number of scholars and members of the Christian clergy speak it fluently, and...

 word tri meaning "three", and acis meaning "sharp" or "pointed", in reference to the three-pointed teeth of these sharks.


  • Subgenus Cazon
    • Triakis acutipinna Kato, 1968 (Sharpfin houndshark)
    • Triakis maculata Kner & Steindachner
      Franz Steindachner
      Franz Steindachner was an Austrian zoologist.- Work and career :Being interested in natural history, Steindachner took up the study of fossil fishes on the recommendation of his friend Eduard Suess...

      , 1867
      (Spotted houndshark)
    • Triakis megalopterus A. Smith
      Andrew Smith (zoologist)
      Sir Andrew Smith KCB was a Scottish surgeon, explorer, ethnologist and zoologist. He is considered the father of Zoology in South Africa having described many species across a wide range of groups in his major work, Illustrations of the Zoology of South Africa.Smith was born in Hawick, Roxburghshire...

      , 1839
      (Sharptooth houndshark)
  • Subgenus Triakis
    • Triakis scyllium J. P. Müller
      Johannes Peter Müller
      Johannes Peter Müller , was a German physiologist, comparative anatomist, and ichthyologist not only known for his discoveries but also for his ability to synthesize knowledge.-Early years and education:...

       & Henle
      Friedrich Gustav Jakob Henle
      Friedrich Gustav Jakob Henle was a German physician, pathologist and anatomist. He is credited with the discovery of the loop of Henle in the kidney. His essay "On Miasma and Contagia" was an early argument for the germ theory of disease...

      , 1839
      (Banded houndshark)
    • Triakis semifasciata Girard
      Charles Frédéric Girard
      Charles Frédéric Girard was a French biologist specializing in ichthyology and herpetology.Born in Mulhouse, France, he studied at the College of Neuchâtel, Switzerland as a student of Louis Agassiz. In 1847, he accompanied Agassiz as his assistant to Harvard...

      , 1855
      (Leopard shark)
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