• Ford Transit
    Ford Transit
    The Ford Transit is a range of panel vans, minibuses, and pickup trucks, produced by the Ford Motor Company in Europe.The Transit has been the best-selling light commercial vehicle in Europe for 40 years, and in some countries the term "Transit" has passed into common usage as a generic term...

    , a van made by the Ford Motor Company
  • Mass transit, public transport
    Public transport
    Public transport is a shared passenger transportation service which is available for use by the general public, as distinct from modes such as taxicab, car pooling or hired buses which are not shared by strangers without private arrangement.Public transport modes include buses, trolleybuses, trams...

     systems in which passengers are carried in large numbers
  • Navigational transit
    Navigational transit
    In navigation and position fixing, a transit occurs when a navigator observes two fixed reference points that are in line with the navigator. This creates a position line...

    , when a navigator observes two fixed reference points in line
  • Transit (ship)
    Transit (ship)
    Transit was the name given to three sailing vessels designed and built to the order of Captain Richard Hall Gower.All three had fine lines at bow and stern, uniform frames mid-ships with concave and convex sweeps and a deep keel. Their length to beam ratio was unusually high, giving them a...

    , the name given to three sailing vessels designed and built to the order of Captain Richard Hall Gower
  • TransIT
    -Transportation:* Ford Transit, a van made by the Ford Motor Company* Mass transit, public transport systems in which passengers are carried in large numbers* Navigational transit, when a navigator observes two fixed reference points in line...

    , the public transportation bus service in Frederick, Maryland
  • Transit New Zealand
    Transit New Zealand
    Transit New Zealand was, from 1989 to 2008, the New Zealand Crown entity responsible for operating and planning the New Zealand State Highway network...

    , a crown entity responsible for the New Zealand national state highway network.

Science and technology

  • Astronomical transit
    Astronomical transit
    The term transit or astronomical transit has three meanings in astronomy:* A transit is the astronomical event that occurs when one celestial body appears to move across the face of another celestial body, hiding a small part of it, as seen by an observer at some particular vantage point...

    , the apparent motion of one celestial body across the face of another celestial body or meridian
  • In surveying
    See Also: Public Land Survey SystemSurveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them...

    , to transit the telescope
    A telescope is an instrument that aids in the observation of remote objects by collecting electromagnetic radiation . The first known practical telescopes were invented in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 1600s , using glass lenses...

     means to turn the telescope about the trunnion axis
    A trunnion is a cylindrical protrusion used as a mounting and/or pivoting point. In a cannon, the trunnions are two projections cast just forward of the centre of mass of the cannon and fixed to a two-wheeled movable gun carriage...

    , thus turning the telescope through the vertical plane
  • Transit telescope, a special purpose telescope mounted so as to point only at objects transiting the local meridian
  • A specialized type of theodolite
    A theodolite is a precision instrument for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes. Theodolites are mainly used for surveying applications, and have been adapted for specialized purposes in fields like metrology and rocket launch technology...

     used in surveying
  • Transit (satellite)
    Transit (satellite)
    The TRANSIT system, also known as NAVSAT , was the first satellite navigation system to be used operationally. The system was primarily used by the U.S...

    , the first satellite navigation system to be used operationally
  • Internet transit
    Internet transit
    Internet transit is the service of allowing network traffic to cross or "transit" a computer network, usually used to connect a smaller Internet service provider to the larger Internet...

    , one of the two mechanisms by which Internet traffic is exchanged between internet service providers
  • Routing transit number
    Routing transit number
    A routing transit number is a nine digit bank code, used in the United States, which appears on the bottom of negotiable instruments such as checks identifying the financial institution on which it was drawn...

    , an identifying code used in transference of funds through banking institutions

Other uses

  • Transit, Canadian shoe retailer now operating under the name Spring
    Spring (store)
    Spring is a retailer of men’s and women’s shoes, with locations primarily found in shopping malls.-History:Aldo Bensadoun, founder of Aldo Groupe, founded Spring in 1991 under the name Transit, with locations primarily in Canada. With the expansion of the chain across the United States, the name of...

  • Astrological transit
    Astrological transit
    Astrological transits are one of the main means used in horoscopic astrology to forecast future trends and developments...

    , the comparison and evaluation of planets in their current position in relation to those on a Natal Chart


  • Transit (band)
    Transit (band)
    Transit is an American Indie/Pop Punk band from Boston, Massachusetts. They have been active since 2006 and have released three albums, two EPs, one single and a split EP with Man Overboard. They take influence from bands such as Deathcab For Cutie, Bayside, American Football, Fairweather, Hot...

    , an American Pop-Punk from Boston, MA.
  • Transit (1979 film)
    Transit (1979 film)
    Transit is a 1979 Israeli drama film directed by Daniel Wachsmann. It was entered into the 30th Berlin International Film Festival.-Cast:* Itzhak Ben-Zur* Gedalia Besser* Yair Elazar* Ruth Geller* Fanny Lubitsch* Gita Luka* Amnon Moskin...

    , a 1979 Israeli film
  • Transit (2005 film)
    Transit (2005 film)
    Transit is a 2005 film made by MTV Europe and Tigerlily Films.It was filmed in St. Petersburg, Mexico City, Nairobi and Los Angeles and shows the lives of 4 different people travelling across the globe...

    , a film produced by MTV and Staying-Alive; about four people in different countries in the world.
  • Transit (2006 film), a 2006 film about Russian and American pilots in World War II
  • Transit (novel), a 1964 science fiction novel by Edmund Cooper
  • Transit Visa (novel)
    Transit Visa (novel)
    Transit Visa is a novel set in 1942, by Anna Seghers.The protagonist travels from Paris, after the German invasion, to unoccupied Marseilles. The visas and paperwork to flee become a matter of life and death.-bibliography:...

    , title also translated as just Transit, a 1944 novel by Anna Seghers
  • Transit (Doctor Who)
    Transit (Doctor Who)
    Transit is an original novel written by Ben Aaronovitch and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Seventh Doctor, Bernice and the first appearance of Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart...

    , a 1992 novel by Ben Aaronovitch based on the TV series Doctor Who
  • Transit (Sponge Cola album)
  • Transit (A. J. Croce album)
  • Transit Transit
    Transit Transit
    -External links:***...

    , an album by the band Autolux
  • Transit
    Dan Bennett (Transit)
    Daniel Bennett, performing under the stage name Transit, is an independent Canadian hip hop artist working out of Calgary, Alberta.He was originally a member of Curbside Philosophy with DJ Homeschool Jon, their last concert together was in August, 2007...

    , stage name of Canadian indie hip hop artist Dan Bennett.
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