Thomas Kilroy
Thomas F. Kilroy is an Irish playwright and novelist.

He was born in Green Street, Callan, County Kilkenny
County Kilkenny
County Kilkenny is a county in Ireland. It is part of the South-East Region and is also located in the province of Leinster. It is named after the city of Kilkenny. The territory of the county was the core part of the ancient Irish Kingdom of Osraige which in turn was the core of the Diocese of...

 and studied at University College, Dublin. In his early career he was play editor at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. In the 1980s, he sat on the board of Field Day Theatre Company, founded by Brian Friel
Brian Friel
Brian Friel is an Irish dramatist, author and director of the Field Day Theatre Company. He is considered to be the greatest living English-language dramatist, hailed by the English-speaking world as an "Irish Chekhov" and "the universally accented voice of Ireland"...

 and Stephen Rea
Stephen Rea
Stephen Rea is an Irish film and stage actor. Rea has appeared in high profile films such as V for Vendetta, Michael Collins, Interview with the Vampire and Breakfast on Pluto...

 in 1980, and was Director of its touring company. He became Professor of English in University College, Galway, a post from which he resigned in 1989 to concentrate on writing. He now lives in County Mayo
County Mayo
County Mayo is a county in Ireland. It is located in the West Region and is also part of the province of Connacht. It is named after the village of Mayo, which is now generally known as Mayo Abbey. Mayo County Council is the local authority for the county. The population of the county is 130,552...

 and is a member of the Irish Academy of Letters, the Royal Society of Literature
Royal Society of Literature
The Royal Society of Literature is the "senior literary organisation in Britain". It was founded in 1820 by George IV, in order to "reward literary merit and excite literary talent". The Society's first president was Thomas Burgess, who later became the Bishop of Salisbury...

, and Aosdána
Aosdána is an Irish association of Artists. It was created in 1981 on the initiative of a group of writers and with support from the Arts Council of Ireland. Membership, which is by invitation from current members, is limited to 250 individuals; before 2005 it was limited to 200...



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    Anton Chekhov
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was a Russian physician, dramatist and author who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short stories in history. His career as a dramatist produced four classics and his best short stories are held in high esteem by writers and critics...

    ), The Royal Court
    Royal Court Theatre
    The Royal Court Theatre is a non-commercial theatre on Sloane Square, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is noted for its contributions to modern theatre...

    , London, 1981. Published by Eyre Methuen, 1981;
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    Abbey Theatre
    The Abbey Theatre , also known as the National Theatre of Ireland , is a theatre located in Dublin, Ireland. The Abbey first opened its doors to the public on 27 December 1904. Despite losing its original building to a fire in 1951, it has remained active to the present day...

    , Dublin, 1996.


  • The Big Chapel, Faber & Faber, 1971. This novel was awarded the Guardian Fiction Prize, 1971 and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.
  • Sean O'Casey: a Collection of Critical Essays, Ed., Prentice Hall, 1975, ISBN 0-13-628941-X

Pieces for Radio

  • The Door, BBC Radio 4, October 27, 1967;
  • That Man Bracken, BBC Radio 3, June 20, 1986;
  • The Colleen and the Cowboy, RTÉ Radio, Prod. Kate Minogue, September 11, 2005.

Pieces for Television

  • Farmers, Radio Telefís Éireann, 1978;
  • Gold in the Streets, 1993;
  • The Black Joker.

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  • Dreaming House, a Play about George Moore
    George Moore (novelist)
    George Augustus Moore was an Irish novelist, short-story writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist. Moore came from a Roman Catholic landed family who lived at Moore Hall in Carra, County Mayo. He originally wanted to be a painter, and studied art in Paris during the 1870s...

    , 1990.
  • Blake 2001.

Works about Thomas Kilroy

  • Le théâtre de Thomas Kilroy., Thierry Dubost, Presses Universitaires de Caen, 2001, English edition The Plays of Thomas Kilroy: A Critical Study, McFarland, 2007
  • Irish University Review 32:1 Special Issue Thomas Kilroy., Ed. Anthony Roche, (Spring/Summer 2002), 214 p.


  • Guardian Fiction Prize, 1971;
  • Heinemann Award for Literature;
  • Aib Literary Prize;
  • American-Irish Foundation Award for Literature;
  • Rockefeller Foundation Residency;
  • Kyoto University Foundation Fellowship;
  • Prix Nikki Special Commendation;
  • Lifetime Achievement, Irish Times / ESB Theatre Award, 2004.
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