The Man from Morocco
The Man from Morocco is a 1945
1945 in film
The year 1945 in film involved some significant events.-Events:* Paramount Studios releases theatrical short cartoon titled The Friendly Ghost, featuring a ghost named Casper.* With Rossellini's Roma Città aperta, Italian neorealist cinema begins....

 action adventure film directed by Mutz Greenbaum
Mutz Greenbaum
Mutz Greenbaum , sometimes credited as Max Greene or Max Greenbaum was a Berlin, Germany-born film cinematographer....

. The film was produced by Welwyn Studios in Great Britain
Great Britain
Great Britain or Britain is an island situated to the northwest of Continental Europe. It is the ninth largest island in the world, and the largest European island, as well as the largest of the British Isles...



A group of men who have spent two years in an internment camp are sent by the Vichy Government to build a railway in the Sahara. One escapes and returns to London to find his lover believes him to be dead and that she is being pursued by his deadliest enemy.


  • Anton Walbrook
    Anton Walbrook
    Anton Walbrook, born was an Austrian actor who settled in the United Kingdom.- Life :...

     as Karel Langer
  • Margaretta Scott
    Margaretta Scott
    Margaretta Scott was an English stage, screen and television actress whose career spanned over seventy years. She is best remembered for playing the eccentric widow Mrs...

     as Manuela de Roya
  • Mary Morris
    Mary Morris
    Mary Morris was a British actress.-Life and career:She was the daughter of Herbert Stanley Morris, the botanist, and his wife Sylvia Ena de Creft-Harford. She was educated at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.She made her stage debut in Lysistrata at the Gate Theatre, London, in 1935...

     as Sarah Duboste
  • Reginald Tate
    Reginald Tate
    Reginald Tate was an English actor, veteran of many roles on stage, in film and on television. He is best remembered as the first actor to play the television science-fiction character Professor Bernard Quatermass, in the 1953 BBC Television serial The Quatermass Experiment.-Early life:Reginald...

     as Captain Ricardi
  • Peter Sinclair as Jock
  • David Horne
    David Horne (actor)
    -Biography:British actor and playwright David Horne began his film career in the 1930s, after a distinguished early career in the theatre. He was generally seen portraying pompous, self-satisfied characters...

     as Doctor Duboste
  • Hartley Power
    Hartley Power
    Hartley Power was an American-born British film and television actor. He is best remembered for two roles: "Sylvester Kee" the ventriloquist who is shot and almost killed by "Maxwell Frere" as a rival for his "dummy"'s affections in Dead of Night; the chief of the news agency that Gregory Peck...

     as Colonel Bagley
  • Sybille Binder
    Sybille Binder
    Sybille Binder was an Austrian actress of Jewish descent whose career of over 40 years was based variously in her home country, Germany and the United Kingdom, where she found success in films during the 1940s.-Career:...

     as Erna
  • Charles Victor
    Charles Victor
    Charles Victor was a British actor who appeared in a number of films and television between 1938 and 1965.-Selected filmography:* Return of the Frog * Hell's Cargo * Contraband...

     as Bourdille
  • Joseph Almas as Franz
  • Carl Jaffe
    Carl Jaffe
    Carl Jaffe was a German Jewish actor. Jaffe trained on the stage in his native Hamburg, Kassel and Wiesbaden before moving to Berlin, where his career took off....

     as German General


  • Director: Max Greene
  • Production Company: Associated British Picture Corporation
    Associated British Picture Corporation
    Associated British Picture Corporation , originally British International Pictures , was a British film production, distribution and exhibition company active from 1927 until 1970...

  • Producer: Warwick Ward
  • Unit Production Manager: Laurie Lawrence
    Laurie Lawrence
    Laurie Joseph Lawrence , is an Australian swimming coach. He was also an Australia national rugby union team member in 1964.-Early life:...

  • 1st Assistant Director: Frank Hollands
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Gerald Mitchell
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