A terrapin
A terrapin is a turtle living in fresh or brackish water.Terrapin may also refer to:* Terrapin , a transport vehicle used for amphibious assault by the Allies during the Second World War...

is a turtle living in fresh or brackish water.

Terrapin may also refer to:
  • Terrapin (amphibious vehicle)
    Terrapin (amphibious vehicle)
    The Terrapin "4-ton amphibian" was a British-manufactured, amphibious armoured transport vehicle of the Second World War. It was first used at Antwerp in 1944, and to great effect during the Battle of the Scheldt....

    , a transport vehicle used for amphibious assault by the Allies during the Second World War
  • "Terrapin" (song)
    Terrapin (song)
    "Terrapin" is a song by Syd Barrett that appears as the first track off his first solo album The Madcap Laughs and is notably the sole representative from that album that appears on The Peel Session...

    , a song by Syd Barrett from The Madcap Laughs, covered by Smashing Pumpkins and others
  • HMS Terrapin (P323)
    HMS Terrapin (P323)
    HMS Terrapin was a British submarine of the third group of the T class. She was built as P323 by Vickers Armstrong, Barrow and Bellis and Morcom Ltd, and launched on 31 August 1943...

    , a British ship
  • Terrapin Beer Company
    Terrapin Beer Company
    -History:Terrapin Beer Company was founded by and . The two men actually wanted to develop their own brewery, in 1998, before they had their own beer. After finally developing a beer the two were contemplating names when Buckowski, a Grateful Dead fan, mentioned Terrapin. The name comes from...

  • Maryland Terrapins
    Maryland Terrapins
    The Maryland Terrapins, commonly referred to as the Terps, consist of 27 men's and women's athletic teams that represent the University of Maryland, College Park in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I competition...

    , the athletic teams of the University of Maryland
  • Portable classroom
    Portable classroom
    A portable classroom A portable classroom A portable classroom (in Australian English a demountable and often referred to as a demountable, a "Terrapin" or a "Portakabin" (after the two companies) in the UK and called a prefab in Ireland (not to be confused with a prefabricated building) is a...

     or terrapin, a temporary building installed on the grounds of a school to provide additional classroom space

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  • Terrapin Station
    Terrapin Station
    Terrapin Station is the ninth studio album by the Grateful Dead, and was originally released on July 27, 1977.This album was the first time since Anthem of the Sun that the Grateful Dead used an outside producer...

    , a 1977 album by Grateful Dead
  • Terrapene, the Latin name for the box tortoise genus (which does not include terrapins)
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