Terminal web
The terminal web is a filamentous structure found at the apical surface of epithelial cells that possess microvilli. It is composed primarily of filaments of actin
Actin is a globular, roughly 42-kDa moonlighting protein found in all eukaryotic cells where it may be present at concentrations of over 100 μM. It is also one of the most highly-conserved proteins, differing by no more than 20% in species as diverse as algae and humans...

 filaments stabilized by spectrin
Spectrin is a cytoskeletal protein that lines the intracellular side of the plasma membrane of many cell types in pentagonal or hexagonal arrangements, forming a scaffolding and playing an important role in maintenance of plasma membrane integrity and cytoskeletal structure...

, which also anchors the terminal web to the apical cell membrane. The presence of myosin II and tropomyosin
Tropomyosin is an actin-binding protein that regulates actin mechanics. It is important, among other things, for muscle contraction. Tropomyosin, along with the troponin complex, associate with actin in muscle fibers and regulate muscle contraction by regulating the binding of myosin...

helps the explain the contractile ability of the terminal web. When contracted, the terminal web causes a decrease in diameter of the apex of the cell, causing the microvilli, which are anchored into the terminal web through their stiff actin fibers, to spread apart. This spreading apart of the microvilli aids cells in absorption.
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