Telia may refer to:
  • Telia
    Telia may refer to:*Telia - part of the reproductive cycle of Rusts*Telia Digital-tv - a Swedish TV platform*Telia, Nepal - a village in Nepal*TeliaSonera - a Swedish/Finnish telecom operator*Telia Challenge Waxholm - Golf tournament...

     - part of the reproductive cycle of Rusts
    Rust (fungus)
    Rusts are plant diseases caused by pathogenic fungi of the order Pucciniales. About 7800 species are known. Rusts can affect a variety of plants; leaves, stems, fruits and seeds. Rust is most commonly seen as coloured powder, composed off tiny aeciospores which land on vegetation producing...

  • Telia Digital-tv
    Telia Digital-tv
    Telia Digital-tv is an IPTV distribution platform in Sweden owned by TeliaSonera. It was launched in January 2005 from a few locations, soon expanding into other locations.In September 2007, Telia announced that the platform had 200,000 subscribers....

     - a Swedish TV platform
  • Telia, Nepal
    Telia, Nepal
    Telia is a village development committee in Dhankuta District in the Kosi Zone of eastern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 2292 people living in 495 individual households....

     - a village in Nepal
  • TeliaSonera
    TeliaSonera AB is the dominant telephone company and mobile network operator in Sweden and Finland. The company has operations in other countries in Northern, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Spain, with a total of 150 million mobile customers...

     - a Swedish/Finnish telecom operator
  • Telia Challenge Waxholm
    Telia Challenge Waxholm
    The Telia Challenge Waxholm was a golf tournament on the Challenge Tour and the Telia Tour. It ran from 1996 to 2007 and was always played in Sweden.-Winners:-External links:*...

     - Golf tournament
  • Telia Gaon
    Telia Gaon
    Town telia gaon is a village situated at the bank of tributary Kolong in Nagaon district of Assam, India. It is about a half kilometer away from the district headquarters of Nagaon. Majority of the villagers follow Hinduism, and practise farming....

    - a village in India
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