Tatura, Victoria
Tatura is a town 17 km west-south-west of Shepparton
Shepparton, Victoria
Shepparton is a city located on the floodplain of the Goulburn River in the north east of Victoria, Australia approximately north-east of Melbourne. It is the fifth largest city in Victoria, Australia. The estimated population of Shepparton's statistical area is 48,926.It began as a sheep station...

 in Victoria
Victoria (Australia)
Victoria is the second most populous state in Australia. Geographically the smallest mainland state, Victoria is bordered by New South Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania on Boundary Islet to the north, west and south respectively....

, Australia
Australia , officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is the world's sixth-largest country by total area...

 located 3 km off the Midland Highway
Midland Highway
The Midland Highway links major towns in Victoria , beginning from Geelong and leading all the way to Mansfield. It winds through country Victoria in a large arc, travelling via the towns of Ballarat, Bendigo and Shepparton...

, forming part of the City of Greater Shepparton
City of Greater Shepparton
The City of Greater Shepparton is a Local Government Area in Victoria, Australia. It is located in the northern part of the state. It has an area of 2,420 square kilometres, and in 2001 it had a population of 56,000...

. At the 2006 census
Census in Australia
The Australian census is administered once every five years by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The most recent census was conducted on 9 August 2011; the next will be conducted in 2016. Prior to the introduction of regular censuses in 1961, they had also been run in 1901, 1911, 1921, 1933,...

, Tatura had a population of 3,533, however the true figure is believed to be close to 4,400. Attractions include the Cussen Park wetlands and the Wartime Camps and Irrigation Museum. It is home to Tatura Milk Industries, Goulburn-Murray Water's head office and the Tatura Research and Extension Centre of the Victorian Department of Primary Industry located at Tatura East. In addition, Unilever
Unilever is a British-Dutch multinational corporation that owns many of the world's consumer product brands in foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products....

 has one of its food processing plants situated in the Northern half of the town. The town is associated with the water wheel or dethridge wheel
Dethridge wheel
The Dethridge wheel is used throughout Australia and in many other countries, including the United States, Israel and in Africa, to measure the flow of water delivered to farms for irrigation....

, a device used to measure the amount of irrigation water released from a channel to a farmer's property.

The name of the town is an Aboriginal
Indigenous Australians
Indigenous Australians are the original inhabitants of the Australian continent and nearby islands. The Aboriginal Indigenous Australians migrated from the Indian continent around 75,000 to 100,000 years ago....

 word meaning "small lagoon".

World War II internment camps

Several internment camps were set up around Tatura, Rushworth
Rushworth, Victoria
Rushworth is a township in Victoria, Australia. It is located north of Melbourne and, at the 2006 census, had a population of 2066.-History:...

 and Murchison
Murchison, Victoria
Murchison is a small rural village located on the Goulburn River in Victoria, Australia. Murchison is located 167 kilometres from Melbourne and is just to the west of the Goulburn Valley Highway between Shepparton and Nagambie. The surrounding countryside contains orchards, vineyards and dairy...

HM Prison Dhurringile
HM Prison Dhurringile is a minimum security prison located on Murchison Road, Murchison, Victoria, Australia.Situated 160 km north of Melbourne, the 68-room mansion, completed in 1877, was originally a homestead for a large farm. The house was completed for the Winter-Irving family, who were...

) during World War II
World War II
World War II, or the Second World War , was a global conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, involving most of the world's nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis...

. Four of these were for civilians, and 3 were for prisoners of war. There were 10,000 to 13,000 people in the camps at different times from 1940 to 1947.

Before the war, Britain was home to around 73,000 Germans, who had left German due to the rising tensions and the rise of the Nazi regime in the country. Many of these were also young male Germans who had been in schools in Britain before the outbreak of WWII. It was believed that many of these refugees were spies, and were shipped out of the country, predominantly to Australia on the HMT Dunera and Canada.

In 1941, German Templers
Templers (religious believers)
Templers are members of the Temple Society , a German Protestant sect with roots in the Pietist movement of the Lutheran Church. The Templers were expelled from the church in 1858 because of their millennial beliefs. Their aim was to realize the apocalyptic visions of the prophets of Israel in the...

 were shipped from Palestine and interned for the duration of the war, which led to the establishment of the Temple Society Australia
Temple Society Australia
The Temple Society Australia was formed in August 1950 as an autonomous community of the Temple Society. It brought together the Templers shipped in 1941 from Palestine and interned for the duration of WWII in Tatura, Australia, the 300 still in Palestine at the formation of the State of Israel,...

After arriving in Australia on the 25th of August 1941, The Templer's established themselves in Camp 3 in Tatura. They were experienced in Interned living from their previous internment in World War I( which lasted until the late 1920s), and established a School and a Kindergarten, and established work routines to prevent depression in the camp. After the War, the majority of Templer families remained in Australia.

In 1943, Major Jullian Leyton arrived from England on a mission. Leyton, a Jew like many of the Dunera Boys, managed to secure the release of many of them if they enlisted in the British
British Army
The British Army is the land warfare branch of Her Majesty's Armed Forces in the United Kingdom. It came into being with the unification of the Kingdom of England and Scotland into the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707. The new British Army incorporated Regiments that had already existed in England...

 or Australian Army
Australian Army
The Australian Army is Australia's military land force. It is part of the Australian Defence Force along with the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force. While the Chief of Defence commands the Australian Defence Force , the Army is commanded by the Chief of Army...

. At the end of the war all of the Dunera Boys were released.

The crew of the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran
German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran
The German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran was a Kriegsmarine merchant raider of World War II. Originally the merchant vessel Steiermark, the ship was acquired by the Kriegsmarine following the outbreak of war for conversion into a raider...

 were also interned following the battle between HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran
Battle between HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran
The battle between HMAS Sydney and German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran was a single ship action between the Australian light cruiser , with Captain Joseph Burnett commanding, and the German auxiliary cruiser , under Fregattenkapitän Theodor Detmers...

. 351 German civilians and servicemen who died during internment (WWI and WWII) are buried in the Tatura German Military Cemetery.

There were also German detainees from the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran
Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran
The Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran was the Allied invasion of the Imperial State of Iran during World War II, by British, Commonwealth, and Soviet armed forces. The invasion from August 25 to September 17, 1941, was codenamed Operation Countenance...



The Tatura Show is held yearly in March and International Dairy Week (which is the second largest dairy show in the Southern Hemisphere) in January each year attracting over 6,000 exhibitors, vendors and onlookers from Australia as well as overseas.


Tatura Hot Bread, a local bakery, has won prizes in the Professional Section of The Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph in 2006 and again in 2007 . The Taste of Tatura Food and Wine Festival is held on the first Sunday in March drawing many of the regions locals.


Tatura has many sporting facilities located around town, including Australian Rules football ovals, Soccer fields, Cricket
Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on an oval-shaped field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. One team bats, trying to score as many runs as possible while the other team bowls and fields, trying to dismiss the batsmen and thus limit the...

 pitches, Tennis
Tennis is a sport usually played between two players or between two teams of two players each . Each player uses a racket that is strung to strike a hollow rubber ball covered with felt over a net into the opponent's court. Tennis is an Olympic sport and is played at all levels of society at all...

 courts, Lawn Bowls greens, a Multipurpose Indoor Stadium and the 18-hole Golf
Golf is a precision club and ball sport, in which competing players use many types of clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a golf course using the fewest number of strokes....

 course of the Hilltop Golf Club.
The town has an Australian Rules football team competing in the Goulburn Valley Football League
Goulburn Valley Football League
The Goulburn Valley Football League is an Australian rules football competition based in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria, Australia...

, the Tatura Bulldogs..

Tatura has a horse racing club, the Tatura & Shepparton Racing Club, which schedules around eight race meetings a year including the Tatura Cup meeting in March or April.


Tatura has three primary schools serving both the town and surrounding areas including Byrneside. Tatura Primary School is a Public School located south of the town's main street whilst Sacred Heart School and Bethel Christian College are both private schools located on the main street. Due to Tatura not having a secondary college most student opt to study at the surrounding Mooroopna Secondary College, Notre Dame College, Shepparton
Notre Dame College, Shepparton
Notre Dame College is a co-educational secondary school of the Roman Catholic faith in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. It is located on Knight Street, Shepparton...

, Goulburn Valley Grammar School
Goulburn Valley Grammar School
Goulburn Valley Grammar School is an independent, co-educational school in Victoria situated on a 17 hectare rural site 6 km north of the centre of Shepparton, approximately 190 km north of Melbourne...

, Wanganui Park Secondary College
Wanganui Park Secondary College
Wanganui Park Secondary College is a Government secondary college with over 1,200 students from years 7 to 12 in Shepparton, Victoria. The school is mostly known for its innovative curriculum, with the most notable feature being its Vertical Modular Grouping system and also offers 2 other levels -...

, Shepparton High School
Shepparton High School
Shepparton High School is a public secondary school in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. The school was founded in 1909 as Shepparton Agricultural High School and was one of the first High Schools built in Victoria during that era...

 or McGuire Secondary College.

Tatura is also located 20 minutes from La Trobe University
La Trobe University
La Trobe University is a multi-campus university in Victoria, Australia. It was established in 1964 by an Act of Parliament to become the third oldest university in the state of Victoria. The main campus of La Trobe is located in the Melbourne suburb of Bundoora; two other major campuses are...

 Shepparton Campus as well as the Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE
Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE
Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE, also known as GOTAFE, is a Technical and Further Education institute located in the north east region of Victoria, Australia based on the Goulburn and Ovens rivers, and is the largest regional TAFE in Victoria, and a specialist centre for food processing, equine...

 which both offer a range of tertiary and TAFE courses to the Goulburn Valley.


In Tatura, two notable print publications are produced, the Tatura Guardian is released weekly, and the Tatura Bulletin is released monthly.

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    Murchison, Victoria
    Murchison is a small rural village located on the Goulburn River in Victoria, Australia. Murchison is located 167 kilometres from Melbourne and is just to the west of the Goulburn Valley Highway between Shepparton and Nagambie. The surrounding countryside contains orchards, vineyards and dairy...

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    Toolamba, Victoria
    Toolamba is a town in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria, Australia. The town is located in the City of Greater Shepparton Local government area, north of the state capital, Melbourne. At the 2006 census, Toolamba and the surrounding area had a population of 873.The Post Office opened on 1...

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