Tacna is served by a cross-border standard gauge
Standard gauge
The standard gauge is a widely-used track gauge . Approximately 60% of the world's existing railway lines are built to this gauge...

 railway to Arica
Arica is a city in northern Chile. "Arica" may also refer to:Places* Arica and Parinacota Region, Chile* Arica Airport , Chile* Arica, Amazonas, town in Colombia* Rio Aricá-açu, tributary of the Cuiabá River south of Cuiabá, BrazilOther...

, Chile
Chile ,officially the Republic of Chile , is a country in South America occupying a long, narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far...


It is also the location of the National Railway Museum of Peru
National Railway Museum (Peru)
The National Railway Museum of Peru is located in Tacna....



Tacna is served by the Crnl. FAP. Carlos Ciriani Santa Rosa International Airport, with flights to Lima
Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru. It is located in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, in the central part of the country, on a desert coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Together with the seaport of Callao, it forms a contiguous urban area known as the Lima...


Tourist attractions

Many monuments are located in this city, including the arch of the Alto de la Alianza
Alto de la Alianza
The Alto de la Alianza is a historical monument and landmark in the south of Peru, near the city of Tacna, where a crucial battle on May 26, 1880 took place. Bolivian forces in alliance with Peruvian forces battled against the Chilean Army, finally Bolivians retreating to the highlands, and...

, which shows the significance of this town.

Other monuments include a neo-Renaissance
The Renaissance was a cultural movement that spanned roughly the 14th to the 17th century, beginning in Italy in the Late Middle Ages and later spreading to the rest of Europe. The term is also used more loosely to refer to the historical era, but since the changes of the Renaissance were not...

 Cathedral, the Alameda Bolognesi Walkway and the caves of Toquepala
Toquepala Caves
The Toquepala caves are located 154 kilometres from the city of Tacna, Peru in the western Andes at an altitude of 2,700 metres above sea level. The caves are 10 metres deep, 5 metres wide and 3 metres high...

, where archaeologists
Archaeology, or archeology , is the study of human society, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data that they have left behind, which includes artifacts, architecture, biofacts and cultural landscapes...

 have found some of the oldest human remains in Peru.


The most important festivity in the city is the Semana de Tacna ("Tacna Week"), which runs from August 25–30.

On August 28, a large Peruvian flag
Flag of Peru
The flag of Peru was adopted by the government of Peru in 1825. It is a vertical triband with red outer bands and a single white middle band. Depending on its use, it may be defaced with different emblems, and has different names...

 is shown throughout the city during the , which celebrates the anniversary of the reincorporation of Tacna into Peruvian sovereignty and is one of the most important patriotic demonstrations in the whole country. This tradition started in 1901, during the Chilean occupation of Tacna, by a group of tacneños who defied the prohibition of showing Peruvian flags imposed by the Chilean authorities.

There is an agrarian and industrial fair as part of these celebrations.

In September, the festival of the Señor de Locumba is celebrated, which draws thousands of faithful people from all over the world.


The major religion in Tacna is Catholicism
Catholicism is a broad term for the body of the Catholic faith, its theologies and doctrines, its liturgical, ethical, spiritual, and behavioral characteristics, as well as a religious people as a whole....

 but, in 2008 the first mosque in Peru was completed in Tacna, the Mosque Bab ul Islam
Mosque Bab ul Islam
The Mosque of Bab ul Islam is located in Tacna, Peru. It is accompanied by a formal Islamic School for Muslim children along with the education of latest technologies. It is currently being built by Sher Afzal Khan Barikoti who is building a Shah Wali-Ullah School of Sciences alongside it.The...

 founded by Pakistani immigrants.

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    2001 southern Peru earthquake
    The 2001 southern Peru earthquake was a magnitude 8.4 earthquake that occurred at 20:33:14 UTC on Saturday, June 23, 2001. The quake affected the Peruvian regions of Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna...

  • the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tacna y Moquegua
    Diocese of Tacna y Moquegua
    The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tacna y Moquegua is a suffragan bishopric of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Arequipa in southern Peru, comprising the lay administrative regions Tacna Region and Moquegua region....

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