Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
Storstockholms Lokaltrafik AB, (Stockholm Public Transport, literally Greater Stockholm Local Transit Company), commonly referred to as SL, is the organisation running all of the land based public transport systems in Stockholm County
Public transport in Stockholm
Public transport in Stockholm consists of bus, metro, regional/suburban rail, light rail, tram and archipelago boat operation in Stockholm County, Sweden. The bus and rail is organized by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik , SL, which is owned by the Stockholm County Council...


SL has its origins in AB Stockholms Spårvägar (SS), a city-owned public transit company which started in 1915 by the City of Stockholm with the aim to de-privatize the two separate private tramway networks into one more efficient company. SS would in the late 1920s also acquire private motorbus companies. The first part of the Stockholm Metro
Stockholm Metro
The Stockholm Metro is a metro system in Stockholm, Sweden. The first line opened in 1950, and today the system has 100 stations in use, of which 47 are underground and 53 above ground. There are seven lines numbered from 10 to 19, in three groups identified by a color: the Green, Red and Blue lines...

 was opened in 1950. SS was renamed to SL in January 1967 when the metro, local train, and bus operations in Stockholm County
Stockholm County
Stockholm County is a county or län on the Baltic sea coast of Sweden. It borders Uppsala County and Södermanland County. It also borders Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. The city of Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Stockholm County is divided by the historic provinces of Uppland and Södermanland...

 was gathered in a single organisation under the supervision of Stockholm County Council. The different mass transit systems within the County had until then been run by different organisations, Statens Järnvägar
Statens Järnvägar
The Swedish State Railways or SJ, originally the Royal Railway Board , is a former government agency responsible for operating the state railways in Sweden....

, private companies and companies owned by the local municipalities.

SL began in 1993 to use independent contractor
Independent contractor
An independent contractor is a natural person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement. Unlike an employee, an independent contractor does not work regularly for an employer but works as and when...

s for the operation and maintenance of the different transport systems. For bus traffic the operators own the buses, but for rail bound traffic the SL own the trains, and the contractors operate them.

There is one more organisation owned by the county and responsible for local public transport. This is Waxholmsbolaget
Waxholms Ångfartygs AB, commonly referred to as Waxholmsbolaget, is a shipping company that is owned by Stockholm county council and is responsible for the seaborne public transport in Stockholm archipelago and Stockholm harbour...

, responsible for boat traffic.


The contractors used by SL are as of January 2010 the following.
  • Arriva
    Arriva plc is a multinational public transport company owned by Deutsche Bahn and headquartered in Sunderland, United Kingdom. It has bus, coach, train, tram and waterbus operations in 12 countries across Europe, employs more than 47,500 people and services over 1.5 billion passenger journeys each...

    • Bus traffic in Ekerö
      Ekerö is a locality and the seat of Ekerö Municipality in Stockholm County, Sweden, with 10,322 inhabitants in 2005.Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA fame lives on the island ....

      , Märsta
      Märsta is a suburb of Metropolitan Stockholm, a locality and the seat of Sigtuna Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 23,416 inhabitants in 2008. The town is situated close to Stockholms main international airport, Arlanda. Even if its origins go back to around 500 AD Märsta is a wide spread...

      Sigtuna is a locality situated in Sigtuna Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 18 inhabitants in 2005. It is the namesake of the municipality even though the seat is in Märsta....

      , Upplands Väsby
      Upplands Väsby
      Upplands Väsby is a bimunicipal locality and the seat of Upplands Väsby Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 35,977 inhabitants in 2005.-Overview:...

       and Vallentuna
      Vallentuna is a bimunicipal locality and the seat of Vallentuna Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 26,500 inhabitants in 2005. It stretches over two municipalities in Stockholm County, in the Roslagen region. Vallentuna is also a suburb of Stockholm...

  • Busslink
    • Bus traffic in Stockholm City Centre
      Stockholm City Centre
      Stockholm City Centre is the city centre of Stockholm in Sweden. The entire city of Stockholm is also the centre of the Stockholm Metropolitan Area....

      , Norrtälje
      Norrtälje is a locality and the seat of Norrtälje Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 17,275 inhabitants in 2010.- History :Norrtälje traces its history to 1219, when the location was first mentioned as Tälje. After some time, the name officially became Norrtälje, to separate it from the...

      , Täby
      Täby is a trimunicipal locality and the seat of Täby Municipality in Stockholm County, Sweden, with 58,593 inhabitants in 2005. It is also partly located in Danderyd Municipality and Sollentuna Municipality...

      , Österåker
      Osteraker may refer to:*Österåker Municipality*Österåker Prison*På Österåker, a Johnny Cash album recorded at Österåker Prison...

      , Vaxholm
      Vaxholm is a locality and the seat of Vaxholm Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden. It is located in the Stockholm archipelago. The name Vaxholm comes from Vaxholm Castle, which was constructed in 1549 on an islet with this name on the inlet to Stockholm, for defense purposes, by King Gustav...

      , Danderyd, Lidingö
      Lidingö is an island in the inner Stockholm archipelago, located north east of central Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It is also the seat of Lidingö Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 44,000 inhabitants in 2011....

      , Haninge, Nynäshamn
      - References :...

      , Solna
      Solna Municipality
      Solna Municipality is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden, located just north of the capital Stockholm. Its seat is located in the 'city' of Solna....

      /Sundbyberg, Sollentuna and Årsta
      Årsta may refer to:* a Stockholm district, west of Hammarby and south of Södermalm, across the Årstaviken gulf of Lake Mälaren, see Enskede-Årsta borough* Årsta Castle, a castle in the municipality of Haninge, Stockholm County...

      Älvsjö is a district of the city of Stockholm Municipality in Sweden. Located in Söderort and a district in the borough Älvsjö. It has the biggest rentable facility in northern Europe called Stockholm International Fairs. In 2008, total population was 956 inhabitants....

  • MTR
    MTR Corporation
    MTR Corporation Limited is a company listed on the Hong Kong Exchange and included in the Hang Seng Index. MTR owns and runs the Hong Kong MTR metro system, and is also a major property developer and landlord in Hong Kong...

    • Stockholm Metro.
  • Nobina
    • Bus traffic in Södertälje
      Södertälje is a city and the seat of Södertälje Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden with 86,069 inhabitants in 2010.The industrial city, about south of Stockholm, is the home to truck maker Scania AB and a top 10 pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca....

      , Bromma, Tyresö, Nacka
      Nacka is the municipal seat of Nacka Municipality and part of Stockholm urban area in Sweden. The municipality's name harks back to an 16th century industrial operation established by the Crown at Nacka farmstead where conditions for water mills are good...

      Värmdö can mean:*Värmdö Municipality - a municipality of Stockholm County in Sweden, named after the island Värmdön*Värmdö - a large island in eastern Sweden, in Värmdö Municipality...

      , Huddinge/Botkyrka and Järfälla/Upplands Bro.
  • Roslagståg
    • Roslagsbanan.
  • Stockholmståg
    • Stockholm commuter rail.
  • Euromaint
    • Maintenance, repairs, and modernization of rail car
      Rail car
      A rail car can be:* Railcar, a type of self-propelled passenger-carrying railway vehicle.* Railroad car, another type of railway vehicle, pulled by a locomotive....

      s of the railbound traffic.
  • Veolia Transport
    Veolia Transport
    Veolia Transport is the international transport services division of the French-based multinational company Veolia Environnement...

    • Saltsjöbanan, Lidingöbanan, Nockebybanan, Tvärbanan.

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