Physical sparks

  • Spark (fire)
    Spark (fire)
    A spark is an incandescent particle. Such sparks may be produced by pyrotechnics, by metalworking or as a by-product of fires, especially when burning wood.-Pyrotechnics:...

    , a small glowing particle or ember
  • An electric spark
    Electric spark
    An electric spark is a type of electrostatic discharge that occurs when an electric field creates an ionized electrically conductive channel in air producing a brief emission of light and sound. A spark is formed when the electric field strength exceeds the dielectric field strength of air...

    , usually with a flash and a sharp noise

Computer science

  • SPARK (programming language)
  • Spark (cellular automaton)
    Spark (cellular automaton)
    In Conway's Game of Life and similar cellular automaton rules, a spark is a small collection of live cells that appears at the edge of some larger pattern such as a spaceship or oscillator, then quickly dies off....

    , a type of pattern in Conway's Game of Life and related rules
  • Spark (software)
    Spark (software)
    Spark is a free open source instant messaging client for the XMPP XML-based protocol for queuing and exchanging audio and text messages and subscribed users lists over the Internet. It is written in Java. It can be used standalone or as an add-on or plugin to certain Web browsers. It appears...

    , an open source instant messenger client based on XMPP protocol


  • Spark (radio show)
    Spark (radio show)
    Spark is a Canadian radio talk show about technology and Internet-related topics. Hosted by Nora Young, the program made its CBC Radio One début on September 5, 2007. The show is also broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio 159 and, since January 9, 2010, on Vermont Public Radio's network of stations...

    , a culture and technology program hosted by Nora Young for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Spark (comics) or Lightning Lass, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Spark (Transformers)
    Spark (Transformers)
    Spark can refer to several objects in the fictional Transformers universe. A spark is usually the "soul" of a Transformer. It is also the name of several Transformers characters. An AllSpark is a term for two different objects within the Transformers media franchise. In the Beast Machines...

    , the name of several Transformers and also the word for their soul
  • Spark (film)
    Spark (film)
    Spark is a 1998 film starring Terrence Howard and Nicole Ari Parker. Garret Williams made his directorial debut with this tale of an urban black couple trapped in a desert town of rednecks after their car breaks down after hitting a dog. Byron and Nina are driving a BMW from Chicago to L.A...

    , a 1998 film
  • in Girl Genius
    Girl Genius
    Girl Genius is an ongoing comic book series turned webcomic, written and drawn by Phil and Kaja Foglio and published by their company, Studio Foglio LLC under the imprint Airship Entertainment...

    , a "spark" is a mad scientist with supernatural abilities
  • Polly Spark and Professor Spark, characters in the JumpStart Typing
    JumpStart Typing
    JumpStart Typing is a personal computer game intended to teach typing skills to kids aged seven to ten. The game seems to be set in the same "universe" as JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain....

    educational game series


  • Spark (University of Reading Newspaper)
    Spark (University of Reading Newspaper)
    Spark* is the student newspaper of the University of Reading. It is produced fortnightly during term time, and as of June 2011 the newspaper has reached Volume 57 Issue 3, following a convention of increasing volume number with each new academic term. It is available as a paper edition distributed...

    , a British university newspaper
  • Spark (magazine)
    Spark (magazine)
    Spark is the official student newspaper of the Victorian College of the Arts Student Union. It is published four times per year and is free to all Victorian College of the Arts students....

    , an Australian student
  • Iskra
    Iskra was a political newspaper of Russian socialist emigrants established as the official organ of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. Initially, it was managed by Vladimir Lenin, moving as he moved. The first edition was published in Stuttgart on December 1, 1900. Other editions were...

    (Искра, Russian for "spark"), political newspaper of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party


  • Spark (singer)
    Spark (singer)
    Jess Morgan , better known by her stage name Spark, is an English singer-songwriter from London.-Life and career:Spark was born in Fazakerley, Liverpool, England, and grew up in Walthamstow, London. At the age of twelve, she learned how to play the guitar and started writing her own music. She grew...

     (born 1992), female singer-songwriter from East London
  • Spark (Thomas Leeb album)
    Spark (Thomas Leeb album)
    Spark is Thomas Leeb's second available release and features nine instrumentals and one song with vocals.-Track listing:# "Albino"# "Oft Geht Bled"# "Spark"# "Jebuda"# "Proseta Se Jovka Kumanovka"# "Wuschel"# "Cycles"# "Jovanova Majka"...

    , 2004
  • Spark (Marit Larsen album)
    Spark (Marit Larsen album)
    Spark is the third album from Norwegian singer-songwriter Marit Larsen, and was released on November 18, 2011. The information was made available via Marit Larsen's Tumblr page. On July 31, 2011 Marit Larsen began to post information about her third album on her Tumblr. On October 7, 2011 she...

    , 2011
  • Spark (Alain Johannes album), 2010
  • Spark Records
    Spark Records
    Spark Records was a record label started by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller c. 1954. Artists released on Spark Records included Willy & Ruth, The Sly Fox and The Robins....

    , a record label
  • "Spark" (Tori Amos song), 1998
  • "Spark" (Yulia Volkova song)
    Spark (Yulia Volkova song)
    Sparks is the English counterpart to the song "220" by the pop duo t.A.T.u.. In March 2009 Yulia Volkova went to LA to record Sparks-Song information:...

    , 2009
  • "Spark" (Amy Macdonald song)
    Spark (Amy Macdonald song)
    "Spark" is a song performed by Scottish singer Amy Macdonald. The song is her 2nd single released from the album A Curious Thing, and was released in the UK on the 10th May 2010.-Background:...

    , 2010
  • "Spark" (Assemblage 23 song)
    Spark (Assemblage 23 song)
    -Track listing:#'Spark 4:38#'Helicopter Girl 4:48#'Spark 4:35#'The Poison Moon 5:20#'Spark 3:21...

    , 2009
  • Spark FM, a radio station in Sunderland, England

Ships and submarines

  • HMS Spark (P236)
    HMS Spark (P236)
    HMS Spark was an S class submarine of the Royal Navy, and part of the Third Group built of that class. She was built by Scotts, of Greenock and launched on December 28, 1943...

    , a British Royal Navy submarine
  • USS Spark (1813)
    USS Spark (1813)
    USS Spark was a heavily-armed brig in the services of the United States Navy, built for service in the War of 1812. However, she was completed too late for that war and was assigned, instead, to the Barbary Wars in the Mediterranean...

    , a United States Navy brig ship
  • USS Spark (1831)
    USS Spark (1831)
    USS Spark was a schooner purchased by the Navy during the early days of the republic. She was assigned to patrolling for lumber smugglers along the lower East Coast of the United States.- Purchased in Maryland :...

    , a United States Navy schooner
  • USS Spark (IX-196), a United States Navy tank-landing ship

Companies and organisations

  • Spark Unlimited
    Spark Unlimited
    Spark Unlimited, based in Sherman Oaks, California, is a video game developer founded by former developers from the Medal of Honor PC and console franchise. They are most known for the Call of Duty: Finest Hour console game....

    , a computer game developer
  • Spark Infrastructure
    Spark Infrastructure
    Spark Infrastructure is an entity listed on the Australian Securities Exchange which invests in infrastructure assets.Its principal investment is a 49% holding in ETSA Utilities, CitiPower and Powercor, with the remaining 51% owned by the Cheung Kong group....

    , an investor in Australian infrastructure assets
  • In the United States branch of the Red Falcons
    Red Falcons
    Red Falcons was the name of various socialist youth organizations, popular in Europe and the United States, especially between the first and second world wars, but of which many are still active today...

     socialist youth movement, the "Red Sparks" were the younger age group
  • Spark (U.S. organization)
    Spark (U.S. organization)
    The Spark group is a US Trotskyist organization. It is aligned internationally with the Lutte Ouvrière tendency.Spark began as a faction within the Spartacist League that was attracted to the French group Voix Ouvrière method of propagandizing in the factories...

     a US Trotskyist group

People with surname Spark

  • Muriel Spark
    Muriel Spark
    Dame Muriel Spark, DBE was an award-winning Scottish novelist. In 2008 The Times newspaper named Spark in its list of "the 50 greatest British writers since 1945".-Early life:...

     (1918–2006), Scottish novelist
  • Alex Spark
    Alex Spark
    Alex Spark was a Scottish professional footballer who played as a central defender for Preston North End, Motherwell and Bradford City.-References:...

     (1949–1993), Scottish footballer
  • Alexander Brodie Spark
    Alexander Brodie Spark
    Alexander Brodie Spark , influential merchant, businessman and free settler of Australia, was born on 9 August 1792 at Elgin, Scotland.- Early life :...

     (1792–1856), Scottish-born Australian merchant
  • Debra Spark
    Debra Spark
    Debra Spark is an American short story writer, essayist, and editor. She teaches at Colby College and at Warren Wilson College.-Biography:Debra Spark was born in Boston, Massachusets in 1962...

     (born 1962), American writer
  • Jeany Spark
    Jeany Spark
    Jeany Spark is a British actress, known for portraying Linda Wallander in the British television series Wallander...

     (born 1982), British actress
  • Nick T. Spark
    Nick T. Spark
    Nick T. Spark is an American documentary filmmaker and writer. Films he has written, directed or produced include Regulus: The First Nuclear Missile Submarines and the Emmy award winning The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club...

    , American film-maker and writer
  • Victoria Spark
    Victoria Spark
    Victoria Spark was an American actress.Before entering the acting profession Victoria Spark served as an airline flight attendant...

     (1950–2006), American actress


  • Spark (mathematics), the smallest number of linearly dependent columns in a matrix
  • Spark or Sinthusa
    Sinthusa is a genus of lycaenid butterflies, the sparks....

    , a genus of butterfly
  • Kicksled
    The kicksled or spark is a small sled consisting of a chair mounted on a pair of flexible metal runners which extend backward to about twice the chair's length. The sled is propelled by kicking the ground by foot. There is a handlebar attached to the top of the chair back...

     or spark, a small sled
  • Spark (horse)
    Spark (horse)
    Spark was part of the first pair English-bred Thoroughbred horses imported to the Province of Maryland in 1747 by Provincial Governor of Maryland, Samuel Ogle. Spark was given to Ogle by Lord Baltimore during Ogle's trip to England in 1740...

    , an American thoroughbred racehorse
  • A British, Australian & Irish synonym for electrician
    An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure. Electricians may also...

  • Chevrolet Spark

See also

  • SPARC (disambiguation)
    SPARC (disambiguation)
    SPARC may refer to:*SPARC, a microprocessor instruction set architecture* SPARC Innovation Program, a research program at Mayo Clinic and its "See-Plan-Act-Refine-Communicate" method* Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition...

  • Sparks (disambiguation)
  • Sparx (disambiguation)
  • Sparkle (disambiguation)
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