Sons of Poland
The Sons of Poland was organized in 1903 as a fraternal and benefit society. In addition to selling life insurance
Life insurance
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 to members, it supports charities in the United States
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 and Poland
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 as well as activities in the Polish-American community in New Jersey
New Jersey
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 and New York State.


The Association was incorporated in 1903 as a Fraternal Benefit Society. At the onset of its existence the Association's goals were to provide benefits for Polish-American families and to send financial help to their families in Poland. During the First World War, the Delegates of the Quadrennial Convention voted to tax each member 2 cents each month to be sent to feed hungry war victims in Poland. In the 1930s, large sums of money were sent to assist the poor in Polish cities. Just prior to World War II, the Association was recognized for being the most active organization in the Polish-American community and was decorated with the Gold Cross of Merit.
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