Sibur is a Russian petrochemicals company controlled by Russian billionaire Leonid Mikhelson. The activities of Sibur include refining of the feedstock gas, production of monomers and polymers, methanol production , mineral fertilizer, tires, synthetic rubber and plastics processing.

Russian billionaire Leonid Mikhelson has concluded his planned full takeover of Russia’s leading polymers and petrochemicals company Sibur Holding, through his investment firm Dellawood Holdings.
While Mikhelson has upped his stake in Sibur from 50% to 57.5%, his partner in Cyprus-based Dellawood and energy trader Gennady Timchenko acquired a 37.5% shareholding in the petrochemicals group. The remaining 5% stake is held by Sibur’s top management.
In December 2010, Mikhelson, head of Russia’s leading non-state owned gas producer Novatek, bought a 25% share of Sibur from the giant state run Gazprom energy group, through Dellawood offshoot Miracle. That purchase came with an option to increase the stake to 50% which Mikhelson took up early this year.
Gazprom group’s former investment vehicle Gazprombank valued Sibur at €5.5bn ($7.35bn) excluding debt at the end of last year, according to the Reuters news agency. But the value of the latest takeover deal has not been formally disclosed.
Timchenko, a fellow majority shareholder of Novatek with Mikhelson, backs the current Sibur management and supports the petrochemicals company’s existing development strategy.
"Sibur is one of Russia's fastest-growing companies, and that is why I was keen to accept Leonid Mikhelson's offer to become a shareholder. Sibur's management team is highly qualified for the job," Reuters quoted Timchenko as saying as the deal was announced on 28 October.
Mikhelson was attracted to Sibur because of Russia’s ample feedstocks, its expanding market and a domestic undersupply of petrochemical products.
Longer term, Mikhelson is believed to want to take Sibur, which reprocesses more than half Russia’s natural gas, public. But a more immediate priority is the disposal of Sibur’s non-core activities: fertilizer and tyre production.
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