Shelley Malil
On August 11, 2008, Malil was arrested for attempted murder after he stabbed his ex-girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, 20 times the previous night in San Marcos, California
San Marcos, California
San Marcos is a suburb of San Diego in the North County section of San Diego County, California. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 83,781. Outside the San Diego region, it is best known as the home of California State University, San Marcos...

. Beebe, a mother of two, resides in Carlsbad
Carlsbad, California
-2010:The 2010 United States Census reported that Carlsbad had a population of 105,328. The population density was 2,693.1 people per square mile . The racial makeup of Carlsbad was 87,205 White, 1,379 African American, 514 Native American, 7,460 Asian, 198 Pacific Islander, 4,189 from other...

, California. Malil, who lives in Sherman Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles, was arrested at an Amtrak
The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, doing business as Amtrak , is a government-owned corporation that was organized on May 1, 1971, to provide intercity passenger train service in the United States. "Amtrak" is a portmanteau of the words "America" and "track". It is headquartered at Union...

 station as he got off a train in Oceanside, California and was charged with attempted murder, mayhem, and burglary. He was originally held at $2 million bail, which was then increased to $10 million because he was deemed a flight risk. The bail was later reduced to $3 million, as Malil was no longer considered a flight risk. Malil was charged with attempted murder, including premeditation, causing great bodily injury, residential burglary, and using a deadly weapon. On August 13, 2008 Malil pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges. He was convicted September 16, 2010 of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, but was found not guilty of burglary. On December 16, 2010, he was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after nine years.

He is currently incarcerated at Ironwood State Penitentiary.

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